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商务礼节美语 第132期:回复电子邮件的礼仪

The Etiquette of Replying to E-mail 回复电子邮件的礼仪 陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作。他在走廊上遇见了美国同事Amy。 (Office ambience) C:Amy,我找了你一整天。 A:What is it? C:我有个关于电子邮件的问题。每次我回信,都是点击Relpy, 保留原来的内容,然后把我的答复加上去。 A:That's not unusual. C:今天有个同事告诉我,说我不应该保留电子邮件里原来的内容。可我不明白,如果删掉原来的内容,她怎么能知道我在说些什么呢? A:She no doubt would have preferred that you take the time to paraphrase her message in the body of your reply. C:什么叫paraphrase啊? A:To paraphrase means to rephrase or restate what someone else has said or written. C:你能举个例子吗?比如说,她发电子邮件给我,问我星期三上午11点有没有时间开会讨论新产品。 A:In that case, instead of hitting "Reply" and responding, "Yes, I am available;" you should write, "Yes, I am available to meet on Wednesday at 11 AM to discuss the new product." C:就是把话说完整。 A:Yes. By restating her message, you have confirmed that you will be at the meeting on the right day at the right time. C:照你的话说,出于礼貌,我在回复电子邮件的时候,都应该把原来信里的核心内容重复一遍了? A:Yes, In that case you can delete the original at the bottom of your response. I have to go now. Do you want to continue this discussion at another time? C:好。下次再聊吧。 MC:第二天早上陈豪和Amy一起喝咖啡。 C:昨天那个同事还说,如果电子邮件的内容变了,用回复的功能,就不能保留原来的题目。是这样吗? A:She is definitely right. It is very confusing to receive a message from someone who changed the subject in the e-mail and not in the subject line. C:你能不能解释一下。 A:If I send you a message about a project we are working on and I use "Project A Summary" as the subject line, you have a clear expectation about what information is contained in the e-mail. C:我用回复的功能,告诉你我收到了报告。 A:Right. Now let's say that I need to send you a message about our next team meeting. If I use your reply to me—which you recall has the subject line, "Project Summary"; you expect to read more about the project. C:对啊,我会以为里面是关于这个项目更详细的内容,但打开却发现是截然不同的内容。好,我以后一定记住改掉电子邮件的题目。 A:Better yet, if you are sending e-mail on a new topic, start a new message with a new subject header. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527695.html