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365天实用商务口语 第09期:下定单

We're going to place an order for this product. 我们要就这种产品下个定单。 We can take 300 cases. 我们能订300箱。 How many sets of this type of washing machine do you intend to order? 这种洗衣机您想订购多少台? We'd like to place a trial order for a small amount of the new varieties. 我们想少量试购你们的新品种。 Our minimum quantity of an order for this product is 200 cartons. 订购这种产品,我们的起订量是200箱。 If the goods sell as well as we expect, we shall send further orders in the near future. 如果货物的销售情况像我们预期的一样好,我们不久还会继续订购。 We hope that this will be the first of many orders we will be placing with you. 希望这将是我们向你们大量订购的第一份定单。 Do you have this kind of product in stock? We'd like to place an order. 这种产品你们有现货吗?我们想订货。 We'll do all we can to fulfill your order. 我们将全力以赴把你们的定单完成。 Placeing An Order 下定单 I'd like to order 500 women's Eva raincoats. 我想订购500件伊娃牌女式雨衣。 I'm sorry, but that item is out of stock at the moment. 对不起,这种货品暂时缺货。 Are you expecting any to come in soon? 会很快进货吗? We expect to have them back in stock around September 15th. However, we can offer you another brand of similar quality. 我们预计在9月15号左右进货。不过我们可以向您提供相似质量的另外一种牌子的雨衣。 What's the brand? 是什么牌子的? It's Sunflower, also one of our best-selling items, which we can sell for as low as US$15 each. 向日葵牌,也是我们的一个畅销货品。我们开价很低,每件是15美元。 I'd like to place a trial order for the Sunflower raincoat then. 那么,我想试购一些向日葵牌女式雨衣。 That's fine. How many would you like to order? 好的。您要订多少? 150. If the goods sell as well as we expect, we shall send further orders in the near future. 150件。如果货物的销售情况像我们预期的一样好,我们不久还会继续订购。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527654.html