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美国语文第五册 第177期:威廉-泰尔(02)

Beware my vengeance! 小心我报复! Can it more than kill? 大不了一个死。 Enough; it can do that. 那就足够了,很容易。 No; not enough: It can not take away the grace of life; 不,远远不能,死亡不能翦灭生命的高贵; Its comeliness of look that virtue gives; 不能消除美德给予的俊朗, Its port erect with consciousness of truth; 死亡不能摧毁睿智者的灵魂高蹈, Its rich attire of honorable deeds; 不能褪去高尚情操者的华美衣裳, Its fair report that's rife on good men's tongues; 死亡不能剥夺正义者不乏优雅的谈吐; It can not lay its hands on these, 死亡无法触及这些崇高, no more Than it can pluck the brightness from the sun, 就像你们这些手上肮脏的家伙, Or with polluted finger tarnish it. 无法从太阳那里攫取一丝阳光。 But it can make thee writhe. It may. 但是,我会让你吃苦头的。当然。 And groan. It may; and I may cry Go on, though it should make me groan again. 我会让你痛苦不堪。是的,很可能不停叫唤。 Whence comest thou? 你从哪里来? From the mountains. 我从山里来。 Wouldst thou learn What news from thence? 你听到那里传来的消息吗? Canst tell me any? 你可以告诉我吗? Ay: they watch no more the avalanche. Why so? 天呀,我们的人再也看不到雪崩了。什么意思? Because they look for thee. The hurricane Comes unawares upon them; from its bed The torrent breaks, and finds them in its track. 他们在抓你,没想到暴风雪来了,山脚发生雪崩,他们陷进去了。 What do they then? 然后呢? Thank heaven it is not thou! Thou hast perverted nature in them. 老天有眼无珠,难道不是你的缘故? There's not a blessing heaven vouchsafes them, but The thought of thee—doth wither to a curse. 你使老天加害于他们身上,不是赐予他们的祝福天堂,而恰恰是你内心想要的毒咒。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527638.html