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商务礼节美语 第131期:开始新工作

Starting a New Job 开始新工作 陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作,他兴冲冲地打电话给美国同事Amy。 (Office ambience) A: Good Afternoon, this is Amy. C: 你好,Amy, 我是陈豪,你现在有几分钟的时间吗? A: Yes. I was just about to start a new project, but it can wait. C: 我有好消息告诉你。 A: What is it? C: 我升职了,要到销售部去。 A: Oh, That's wonderful. Tell me about it. C: 我的上司觉得我到公司以来,社交能力大有长进,所以决定把我调到销售部去。 A: How do you feel about that? C: 当然高兴了,不过也有点紧张。 A: I agree that it is always a bit scary when you start a totally new job, working with people and processes that you don't know. C: Amy, 我想一上来就让他们对我刮目相看,你能不能告诉我,应该怎么做啊? A: First of all, I would be careful about how I'd impress them. C: 你这话是什么意思啊?我得让他们看看,我非常了解销售部的作业流程。这样他们才会觉得我是合适的人选。 A: My advice to you is to go slowly at first. Understand that there may be people in that department who think they should have gotten the job instead of you. C: 对呀,那我怎么做才既能让别人觉得我确实很有能力,又不得罪人呢? A: Ask intelligent questions about projects and processes. Let your co-workers share their knowledge and experience with you. C: 可如果我问一大堆问题,别人会不会觉得我不胜任呢? A: Not at all. Listening to other people is the best way to learn what you don't know and how to do your job well. The other benefit is that you will get to know your colleagues. C: 好了,我不能再耽误你时间了,过几天有问题我再来向你咨询。 A: That sounds good. 两天后,陈豪Amy一起吃午饭。 A: How do you like your new job? C: 挺好的,我适应得很快。同事们也都很帮忙。 A: I'm glad to hear that you are getting off to such a good start. C: 但是也有一、两个人,让我觉得有些不自在。 A: What's going on with them? C: 他们好像是故意的,没完没了地给我讲办公室的各种小道消息。我真不知道拿他们怎么办好。 A: The best way to deal with those people is to tell them that you feel you need to spend your time learning your job. C: 如果他们不听劝告呢? A: As we Americans say, "Let it go in one ear and out the other." C: 好主意!我们中国人也说一个耳朵进,一个耳朵出。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180111/527384.html