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美国语文第五册 第176期:威廉-泰尔(01)

Scene 1. A Chamber in the Castle. Enter Gesler, Officers, and Sarnem, with Tell in chains and guarded. 第一幕:城堡内一处房间。盖斯勒、众官吏、萨勒姆,以及带着镣铐、并由卫兵押解的泰尔走了进来。 Sarnem says: Down, slave! Behold the governor. Down! down! and beg for mercy. 萨勒姆说:跪下,你这奴隶!看着长官。跪下!跪下!快请求饶恕。 Gesler Seated says: Does he hear? 盖斯勒坐好后说:他听见了吗? He does, but braves thy power. 他听见了,但他无视你的威严。 An officer says: Why don't you smite him for that look? 一官吏说:为什么不为他态度倨傲严加惩罚? Can I believe My eyes? He smiles! 我不敢相信,他居然在笑! Nay, grasps His chains as he would make a weapon of them To lay the smiter dead. 天呀,他握着铁链想还击,好像准备置人死地。 (To Tell.) Why speakest thou not? (对泰尔)为什么不说话? Tell says: For wonder. Wonder? 泰尔说:真是想不到。想不到什么? Yes, that thou shouldst seem a man. 想不到,看起来你不像人。 What should I seem? A monster. 像什么?一个残忍的怪物。 Ha! Beware! Think on thy chains. 哈哈!当心! 仔细看你身上的铁镣。 Though they were doubled, and did weigh me down Prostrate to the earth, me thinks I could rise up Erect, 看,这么多铁链,拖拽我快要趴在地上,我觉得,我还是能笔直站起来, with nothing but the honest pride Of telling thee, usurper, to thy teeth, Thou art a monster! 不凭别的,就是坦诚地告诉你,你这个地道的篡位者,十足的怪兽! Think upon my chains? How came they on me? 仔细看我的铁链?这铁链怎么套到我的身上? Darest thou question me? 你竟敢质问我? Darest thou not answer? 你为什么不敢回答? Do I hear? Thou dost. 我要听你的?是的。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180111/527340.html