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美国语文第五册 第174期:请君制怒(02)

A roguish student, in a room close by, 他住处附近有一位恶作剧的淘气学生, held a looking-glass in such a position as to pour the reflected rays of the sun directly in Mr. Sherman's face. 他手拿一块镜片晃动,将光线径直反射在谢尔曼先生的脸上, He moved his chair, and the thing was repeated. 他只是挪动一下自己椅子,不过还是未能逃过刺眼的光线。 A third time the chair was moved, but the looking-glass still reflected the sun in his eyes. 如此再三,光线仍然追逐他的脸。 He laid aside his book, went to the window, and many witnesses of the impudence expected to hear the ungentlemanly student severely reprimanded. 最后,他索性丢下书本,走到窗前,周围目睹此事的学生原以为他会严厉斥责那位粗鲁冒失的学生, He raised the window gently, and then—shut the window blind! 他不过轻轻地放下窗帘,然后一声不吭地将窗户遮严! I can not forbear adducing another instance of the power he had acquired over himself. 这里,不得不再提一例,看看谢尔曼先生如何控制自己的性情。 He was naturally possessed of strong passions; but over these he at length obtained an extraordinary control. 他天生激情四射,凡事却冷静稳重,自我克制, He became habitually calm, sedate, and self-possessed. 最终达到心性调节的完美境界。 Mr. Sherman was one of those men who are not ashamed to maintain the forms of religion in their families. 就维系家庭的宗教形式来说,谢尔曼先生从不耻于主持。 One morning he called them all together, as usual, to lead them in prayer to God; 一天早晨,他像往常一样召集家人,带着他们向上帝祷告; the “old family Bible” was brought out, and laid on the table. 他取出《圣经》,然后放置桌上。 Mr. Sherman took his seat, and placed beside him one of his children, a child of his old age; 谢尔曼先生坐下,将他晚年所生的最小孩子放在身边座位上。 the rest of the family were seated around the room; several of these were now grown up. 全家人围圈坐好,其中有些孩子已经成人, Besides these, some of the tutors of the college were boarders in the family, and were present at the time alluded to. 也有孩子在学院做教师同时寄宿家中,大家都在约定时间到场。 His aged and superannuated mother occupied a corner of the room, opposite the place where the distinguished judge sat. 谢尔曼先生耄耋之年的母亲依偎角落,坐在这位声名显赫的法官对面。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180110/527052.html