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美国语文第五册 第173期:请君制怒(01)

No one has a temper naturally so good, that it does not need attention and cultivation, 没有人天生就有好脾气,好脾气无需关注与培养; and no one has a temper so bad, but that, by proper culture, it may become pleasant. 没有人天生就有坏脾气,但合适的教育环境下,坏脾气可以变好。 One of the best disciplined tempers ever seen, was that of a gentleman who was naturally quick, irritable, rash, and violent; 有这样一个事例,与最为训练有素的好脾气有关。一位先生生来性情急躁易怒、轻率暴虐, but, by having the care of the sick, and especially of deranged people, 但是通过照看病人,特别那些患有精神病症的患者, he so completely mastered himself that he was never known to be thrown off his guard. 他最终能够控制自身情绪,因此别人对他坦诚而无需设防,至于他的坏脾气,甚至不为人知。 The difference in the happiness which is received or bestowed by the man who governs his temper, 接受幸福抑或馈赠幸福的人,究竟能否掌控还是无法掌控自己的脾气, and that by the man who does not, is immense. 由此构成不同幸福感的巨大差异。 There is no misery so constant, so distressing, and so intolerable to others, 人,不会永远面对不幸,不会总是悲观沮丧,或始终无法容忍别人, as that of having a disposition which is your master, and which is continually fretting itself. 因此,拥有好性情乃做人之道,甚至不时为如何拥有好性情而忧心忡忡。 There are corners enough, at every turn in life, against which we may run, 我们很可能在生活转折中陷入诸多逆境,一旦受阻, and at which we may break out in impatience, if we choose. 倘若可以选择,我们或许急于逃避,或许失去耐心急于摆脱。 Look at Roger Sherman, who rose from a humble occupation to a seat in the first Congress of the United States, 以罗杰.谢尔曼为例来说,他从底层社会做起,直到在美国第一届国会拥有席位, and whose judgment was received with great deference by that body of distinguished men. 他的大法官地位备受国会精英名流的仰慕推崇。 He made himself master of his temper, and cultivated it as a great business in life. 谢尔曼先生对自己性情掌控从容,并在生活中作为至关重要的素养精心培育, There are one or two instances which show this part of his character in a light that is beautiful. 以下一两个事例即可展示他光彩照人的性格魅力。 One day, after having received his highest honors, he was sitting and reading in his parlor. 有一天,当荣获最高荣誉后,他坐在客厅读书。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180110/527051.html