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美国语文第五册 第172期:呐喊震天(03)

A moment there was awful pause, 恰好那时光,空气瞬间已凝固, When Berkley CRIed, Cease, traitor! cease! 伯克莱高叫,住口!你这个叛徒! God's temple is the house of peace! 上帝的殿堂,和平安宁之地! The other shouted, Nay, not so, 另一声音叫喊,不!绝非如此, When God is with our righteous cause: 耶和华将会,与公正站在一起, His holiest places then are ours, 上帝的住所,乃人间美梦天堂, His temples are our forts and towers, That frown upon the tyrant foe: 神圣的琼楼,为人间权利堡垒,它不会同意,被暴君抢夺盘踞。 In this the dawn of Freedom's day 难忘时刻中,反抗和祷告同在。 There is a time to fight and pray! 黎明星光里,自由与正义降临。 And now before the open door, 祷告结束后,会场的大门打开, The warrior priest had ordered so, 那军队祭司,开始向民众游说, The enlisting trumpet's sudden soar 高声喇叭里,招募征兵的火爆, Rang through the chapel, o'er and o'er, 经久不停地,在会场上空起荡, Its long reverberating blow, 激昂的话语,乍响在民众心头, So loud and clear, it seemed the ear, Of dusty death must wake and hear. 震撼并催醒,尘封濒死的耳朵,万民之惊悚,鼓乐齐鸣的浪潮, And there the startling drum and fife 激励着生者,投入残酷的战争, Fired the living with fiercer life; 看头顶上空,烈火在蔓延燃烧, While overhead with wild increase, 全然不再是,古老平和的钟响, Forgetting its ancient toll of peace, 风声中炸开,声音已走调变样, The great bell swung as ne'er before: 听起来好像,狂飙绝不会停息, It seemed as it would never cease; 每一声钟声,发泄着激情热烈, And every word its ardor flung, From off its jubilant iron tongue 铁质的音质,不再有满心喜悦,异口同声呼喊, Was, "WAR! WAR! WAR!" “开战!开战!开战!” "Who dares"—this was the patriot's cry, “谁敢参军?” 那爱国者高叫, As striding from the desk he came— 他离开桌子,大踏步来到面前, Come out with me, in Freedom's name, 以自由名义,请与我奔向前线, For her to live, for her to die? 为祖国生存,或者看着她灭亡? A hundred hands flung up reply, 森林般大手,刹那间挥舞天空, A hundred voices answered "I!" 雷鸣海啸,吼声震天“我去!”“我去!” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180109/526776.html