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美国语文第五册 第171期:呐喊震天(02)

Within its shade of elm and oak 榆树橡树浓密荫凉下, The church of Berkley Manor stood: 伯克莱庄园教堂肃穆, There Sunday found the rural folk, 周末欢快的乡村舞曲, And some esteemed of gentle blood, 达贵名媛们打发虚空, In vain their feet with loitering tread 杯筹交错中骄奢纵欲。 Passed 'mid the graves where rank is naught: 坟墓中等级化为乌有, All could not read the lesson taught 生而平等法则无法授予, In that republic of the dead. 写在共和国血泊土地。 The pastor rose: the prayer was strong; 牧师站起祷告声粗犷, The psalm was warrior David's song; 赞美诗讴歌勇士大卫。 The text, a few short words of might, 简短诗文却铿锵有力, "The Lord of hosts shall arm the right!” 万民之神耶和华授权正义! He spoke of wrongs too long endured, 谈起难以忍受多年苦楚, Of sacred rights to be secured; 牧师主张神圣权利获取, Then from his patriot tongue of flame 从他的炽烈爱国语言里, The startling words for Freedom came. 自由女神飘曳迷人美丽。 The stirring sentences he spake 振奋人心话语燃烧心底, Compelled the heart to glow or quake, 心在震颤不再蒙受冤屈。 And, rising on his theme's broad wing, 自由独立成为嘹亮号角, And grasping in his nervous hand, The imaginary battle brand, 呼唤起义牧师扬起双臂,无所畏惧战争即将到来, In face of death he dared to fling, Defiance to a tyrant king. 面对死亡应该勇敢奋起,朝着暴戾君主拿起武器。 Even as he spoke, his frame, renewed, In eloquence of attitude, 他激情演讲,体态多变,他口若悬河,滔滔不绝, Rose, as it seemed, a shoulder higher; 他愤怒而起,形象高大, Then swept his kindling glance of fire, From startled pew to breathless choir; 他目光如炬,震惊全场。唱诗班吟唱,实难喘息。 When suddenly his mantle wide 他突然抖开,宽大斗篷, His hands impatient flung aside, 他双手挥舞,激情难抑, And, lo! he met their wondering eyes 看!台下目光,纷纷啧奇, Complete in all a warrior's guise. 他早已全身,战士装备。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180109/526775.html