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美国语文第五册 第170期:呐喊震天(01)

Out of the North the wild news came, 疯狂消息自北方传来, Far flashing on its wings of flame, 遥远天际见火光翻飞, Swift as the boreal light which flies, At midnight through the startled skies. 迅捷犹如扑面的灯火,掠过惊悚的星空夜半。 And there was tumult in the air, 风中席卷起狂热骚动, The fife's shrill note, the drum's loud beat, 笛声乍裂,鼓号雷鸣, And through the wide land everywhere 消息传遍每一处角落, The answering tread of hurrying feet, 人影绰绰中步履凌乱, While the first oath of Freedom's gun 自由枪声第一声誓言, Came on the blast from Lexington. 在列克星敦康科德上空乍响, And Concord, roused, no longer tame, 唤醒不再驯服的奴隶, Forgot her old baptismal name, 忘却曾经洗礼的教名, Made bare her patriot arm of power, 危机中果敢拿起武器, And swelled the discord of the hour. 彰显爱国者反抗勇气。 The yeoman and the yeoman's son, 自由民及其子孙后代, With knitted brows and sturdy dint, 眉头舒展而肩臂有力, Renewed the polish of each gun, 将每一杆枪擦得铮亮, Recoiled the lock, reset the flint; 扳动枪栓再放好燧石, And oft the maid and matron there, 各户妇孺老人默默地, While kneeling in the firelight glare, 跪立火堆沉重地注视。 Long poured, with half-suspended breath, 长久赋税的艰难呼吸, The lead into the molds of death. 将躯体浇铸死亡模具。 The hands by Heaven made silken soft 耶和华柔软无形双手, To soothe the brow of love or pain, 抚慰痛苦纠结的众生, Alas! are dulled and soiled too oft 肮脏自私的世俗恶念, By some unhallowed earthly stain; 使人呆滞亦玷污心灵。 But under the celestial bound 然苍穹在上规则有序, No nobler picture can be found, Than woman, brave in word and deed, 无人能超过圣母光辉,坚毅勇敢且言行如一, Thus serving in her nation's need: 甘心为臣民鞠躬尽瘁, Her love is with her country now, 她的爱眷念广袤土地, Her hand is on its aching brow. 她的手抚摸疼痛眉宇。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180108/526492.html