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The connections in your brain do get stronger and grow with study and practice. 随着学习与实践,他么脑突触间的链接会得到不断的强化 It also turns out, on average, people who have a growth mindset are more successful, 结果表明,平均而言,具有成长型思维的人会更容易成功, getting better grades, and doing better in the face of challenges. 获得更好的成就,并且在面对挑战之时会表现得更精彩。 Tip three: practice failure. 技巧三:练习失败。 Face it, you're going to fail sometimes. Everyone does. 面对现实吧!你总有失败的时候,每个人都会有。 J.K.Rowling was rejected by twelve different publishers before one picked up "Harry Potter." J.K。罗琳曾被十二个不同的出版商所拒绝,直至一个出版商决定出版《哈利波特》。 The Wright Brothers built on history's failed attempts at flight, 莱特兄弟的成功是建立在无数次失败的的飞行尝试, including some of their own, before designing a successful airplane. 其中包括了几次他们自己的失败,经历这些后他们才设计出一架成功的飞机。 Studies show that those who fail regularly and keep trying anyway 研究表明,那些经常失败却还坚持不断尝试的人 are better equipped to respond to challenges and setbacks in a constructive way. 从自身能力上讲比较有能力面对对挑战与挫折。 They learn how to try different strategies, ask others for advice, and persevere. 他们学会了怎样去尝试不同的策略,询问他人的意见并且坚持不懈。 So, think of a challenge you want to take on, realize it's not going to be easy, 所以,考虑好你想要承受的挑战,明白那不会是件容易的事, accept that you'll make mistakes, and be kind to yourself when you do. 坦然接受自己将要犯的错,并在此过程中善待自己。 Give yourself a pep talk, stand up, and go for it. 对自己加以鼓励,站起来,并为此奋斗。 The excitement you'll feel knowing that whatever the result, 真正令人兴奋的是,不管你遭遇怎样的结果, you'll have gained greater knowledge and understanding. This is confidence. 你都将收获到更好的知识与领悟。这,才是自信。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180107/526389.html