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白领的一天 场景143:Anna's decision 安娜的决定

Narrator: Hello again and welcome back to English at Work - the drama about life at the plastic fruit production company called Tip Top Trading. You may remember Anna, the company's newest and brightest sales executive, was offered a promotion and a marriage proposal at the same time. She's taken time out to think about her reply but everyone in the office really misses her. Tom: (Pouring his heart out) I dunno Denise, I'd be good for Anna, I think we would be been a perfect pair. Mr and Mrs Darcy… it sounds good… LIFT DOOR OPENS Anna: I'm back! Tom: Anna! I…we weren't expecting you. Anna: Yes I can see – perhaps you could tidy up your desk Tom. Tom: Very funny Anna – still trying to be the boss! So did you have a good trip? Did you get some 'head space'? Anna: Eh? Narrator: He means time alone to think about the things you want to think about.Tell him you've been chewing things over – it means you've been thinking about your proposals and say I have come to a final decision. Anna: OK, well it's true; I have done a lot of thinking. (To Tom) Tom, I did have some head space and a chance to… chew things over… Tom: Yes! Yes! And? Anna: And I've come to a final decision. The answer is 'yes'. I accept. There's no doubt really… I should give it a go… I need the experience… and besides, what's the worst thing that can happen? Tom: Oh Anna. I'm so happy. You won't regret your decision. Narrator: Hmm – is Anna really saying 'yes' to Tom's marriage proposal or has there been a misunderstanding? Here are some of the phrases we've heard today: 本节目中出现的短语: I have had some head space and a chance to chew things over. I've come to a final decision. I'll give it a go. You won't regret your decision. 听力挑战: What does Anna ask Tom to do? Anna 让 Tom 做什么? 上期答案: Paul 的新工作是什么? 他的新工作是在 Better Biscuits 公司做首席品尝师。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171222/521737.html