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白领的一天 场景137:推到极限 Pushed to the limits

Narrator: 欢迎收听《白领英语》。Tip Top 贸易公司办公室里的事儿现在有些难处理。Denise 重新回到公司上班,不过她不想再做以前那个只帮大家买办公用品的 Denise 了。这样一来,Tom 也有自己的一些想法和不满,可怜的 Anna 被夹在中间,进退两难。Anna 该找谁帮忙呢?找老板?还是不找呢? (In Paul's office) Paul: So Denise, let's get this straight. You don't want to order the pens anymore, right? Denise: Well, I did say if I came back, I wanted to have a go at doing sales. Paul: Err, yes, you did. That's right. Tom: Yeah but we got Denise back because we didn't have anyone to order our pens and stuff. That's her main job. Paul: Err yes, absolutely. I see your point. Anna: Excuse me Paul, could I suggest we all take it in turns to order things like pens and paper… share the responsibility? Denise: That's a good idea Anna. Tom: Yeah but… Paul: No buts Tom, that's a good solution. Well done Anna. Could you draw up a rota so we know who's going to be ordering the pens, and when, and don't forget to order biscuits too! Phew, I'm glad I got that sorted out. Right, back to work everyone. (Door closes) Tom: I can't believe I've got to order pens, it's Denise's responsibility… err, are you OK Anna? Anna: No I'm not. I can't draw up a rota, not now, I've got too much to do. Tom: Oh don't panic Anna. Just do what I do. Anna: What's that? Tom: Nothing! Just do what you can do and then pretend you've forgotten about the other stuff. Easy! Narrator: 哎呀呀,Tom 实在是不怎么敬业 - 你可不能像他呀 Anna. 你需要把要做的事情整理出来然后按照轻重缓急依次来做。 Anna: I need to prioritise? Narrator: Yes. 看看哪些事情需要马上做,哪些可以放一下。你也可以考虑让其他人帮你。你可以说 "I've got to prioritise, this task is most important so I'm going to concentrate on this first." 这件事儿很重要,所以我需要集中力量先来处理它。你还可以请其他同事帮忙,你可以说 "It would be great help if you could take on this other task." 假如你能帮我做些其它的事儿,就再好不过了。你还可以说 "I'll have to put off some tasks until tomorrow." 有些事情我得推到明天再做了。最后,如果你还是觉得忙不过来,压力太大,那就找老板说 "I need help, I have too much to do." 我需要帮助因为要做的事儿太多了。 Anna: Thanks, good advice. I'm just writing a list of all the things I need to do on my new mini me-pad. Narrator: 把要做的事儿列个单子,这个方法很不做。祝你好运! Anna: There, that's my list finished. Ah, Denise, sorry to bother you, but you know that rota I was talking about? Denise: The one for ordering pens? Anna: That's it. Well, I'm so busy I was wondering… it would be a great help… if you could make a start on this? Please? Denise: Of course Anna. As it's you. If it was Tom asking, I would have said no! Tom: (Calling over) What's that Denise? Hey Anna, what are we going to do about the designs for that plastic aubergine? Anna: Gosh, our new aubergine. Hmm, I'm going to have to put that off until tomorrow I'm afraid. Tom: Oh right. Why, have you got something more important for us to do together, eh? Anna: No Tom. I've just got to prioritise. This new order from Nice'n'Cheesy is most important, so I'm going to concentrate on that first. OK? Tom: Oh right, yeah sure. Me and you will have to wait until tomorrow! So… so… how's it going with Dave from Computer Support? Anna: Very well thanks Tom. Last night he took me somewhere I'd never been to before. Tom: Really. Nice. Anna: Yes, a discount computer shop – he bought me a mini me-pad. Tom: Oh. Just a "mini" one hey. Anna: Now. If you could take more interest in our Nice'n'Cheesy contract than in Dave, it would be a great help. Tom: Oh yes, sure, of course… (trying to make a joke) nice'n'sleazy, that's a good name for Dave! Narrator: 笨蛋!在忙得时候,安排工作要有序、有条理。和同事们多沟通,告诉大家你在做什么。还有别忘了,忙不过来的时候找其他人帮帮忙。我们再来复习一下 Anna 用到的一些表达: I've got to prioritise. This task is the most important so I'm going to concentrate on this first. It would be a great help if you could do this for me please. I'm going to have to put that off until tomorrow I'm afraid. Narrator: 别忘了,手上事情太多做不完的话,要及时告诉老板。 (Door knocks and opens) Anna: Hello Paul, sorry to bother you. I'm a bit worried… I just have too much to do and need some help. Paul: Yes of course. I don't want you feeling stressed. Let me think… erm… I know, why don't I do the pen rota? Anna: It's OK, Denise has offered to do that. Paul: Phew, I mean super! Erm… hmm… well, maybe Tom could help you with the launch party? Anna: Launch party? What launch party? Paul: Didn't Tom tell you? Anna: No, he didn't. Paul: We're launching the plastic aubergine on Friday. Anna: Oh no! Narrator: 保持冷静 Anna. 我们可以帮你 – 不过只有一周时间来准备一个产品发布会,确实有点儿紧张。下集《白领英语》我们再会。 听力挑战: Anna 什么时候有时间来看塑料茄子的设计呢? 上期答案: Anna 给 Denise 的第一个任务是什么? (答案: 查一查客户数据库,看看我们有多长时间没有和客户联系了) 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171219/520850.html