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高考前如何调节心情? How to Adjust the Mood Before College Entrance Examination?

Every Chinese knows the importance of the college entrance examination, so the high school students always can feel the stress from that exam, especially when that day is nearby. Some students will not do as well as usual because of heavy stress. It is necessary to adjust their mood well before the exam. They should not give too much pressure to themselves, instead of having usual heart. Then they can do in working order. To reach this goal, they can spare time to do some sports or just go running and keep telling themselves that the exam can’t decide their future, so they try their best would be OK and no one will blame them. The purpose is make them feel relax, as the status of relax is the best state for achieving good marks in the exam. It is helpful. 每个中国人都知道高考的重要性,所以,高考生常常能够感受到高考给予他们的压力,特别是高考即将来临的时候。有些学生会因为压力而在考试中发挥失常。在考试前调节好心情非常有必要。他们不应该给自己太大的压力,而是应该以平常心对待。这样才能正常发挥。所以,可以选择挤一点时间去运动或者跑跑步或者自我催眠高考并不能决定自己的未来,只要尽自己最大的努力就可以了,也没有人会责怪自己的。这样做的目的是让他们放松,因为放松是在考试中取得好成绩最好的状态。这个方法真的有用。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171216/How-to-Adjust-the-Mood-Before-College-Entrance-Examination.html