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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第05集 第05期

带着凯里·艾格斯和一些顶级客户离开律所 with Cary Agos and several of our top clients. -哪些客户 -我们正在调查 - Which clients? - We're trying to find out now. 所有支持解除艾丽西娅·福瑞克职务的请举手 All those in favor of relieving Alicia Florrick of her duties? 是你发现这件事的 You're the one who found it out. 你真的要投反对票吗 Are you really going to vote against it? 请给我点时间考虑下 Give me a second, please. 有人正试图下载档案 There's someone trying to download a file right now. -谁 -凯里 - Who? - Carey. 是的 我知道 凯里·艾格斯 Yeah, I know. Cary Agos. 不不 是另一个凯里 泽普斯 No, no, the other Carey-- Zepps. 这边走 跟我来 This way. Come with me. -要不然我过会再来 -不 留下 - Would you like me to come back? - No. Stay! 凯里·泽普斯 你被解雇了 Carey Zepps, you're fired. 我们需要你立刻离开办公室 We need you to get out of the offices right now. 不 那个留下 你不准带走任何东西 No, that stays. You take nothing. 我的车钥匙在办公室 My car keys are in my office. 你的东西会被打包送到你家 Your things will be collected and sent to your home. 如果你需要车钥匙 在大厅等着 If you need your car keys, wait in the lobby. 他们会给你送去 They'll be delivered to you. 现在 滚出去 Now, get the hell out of here. 扎克 你在干嘛 Zach, what are you doing? 正要去学校 你有没有看见 Heading to school. Uh, hey, have you seen 我的林肯论文 我找不到了 my Lincoln essay? I can't find it. 我需要你帮忙 I need your help. 你之前提到我公司的云端的事 You were talking about the cloud at my work, 文件被保存在云端 files being saved up to the cloud. 妈妈 你会不会把它放在你房间了 Mom, did you maybe put it in your room or something? 帮我个忙 Do me a favor. 我需要我们公司所有的通讯录和档案 I need all my company contacts and files 从公司的云端保存到我的云端 saved from the company cloud to my cloud, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171213/The-Good-Wife-05-05-5.html