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傲骨之战(The Good Fight) 第01季 第05集 第25期

是 但是有些事情只和玛娅有关 Y-Yes, but some of these issues are only Maia's. 那她应该离开律所 Hmm, then she should quit the firm 因为她的个人问题会损害律所的利益 because her issues are hurting the firm's interests. 不 我认为这不是 No, I-I don't think that's what... 你想知道什么 What do you want to know? 你父亲为什么会被保释 Why is your dad out on bail? 我不知道 I don't know. 他可能给克里斯特瓦先生提供了哪些名字 What names might he have given to Mr. Kresteva? 玛娅 我认为你不应该回答这问题 你 Maia, I don't think you should answer that. You... 我父亲让我下载一份名单并交给他 My dad had me download and give to him a list 名单上是基金为其进行非法活动的重要客户 of all the VIP clients that the fund did illegal work for. 你认为他把这些名字提供给他们了 And you think he gave them those names? 是的 Yes. 你看过那份名单了吗 Did you look at the list? 看了 Yes. 有没有与这家律所有关的人的名字 Were there any names connected to this firm? 没有 我全都查过了 No. No, I looked them all up. 没有律所的客户或律师的名字 There are no clients, no lawyers from this firm. 你确定吗 Are you sure? 因为他找到了某个人 Because he found someone... 我喜欢这个唇膏 I like that lipstick. 颜色很漂亮 That's a good color. 谢谢 Thank you. 会是什么呢 What is it? 迪奥 红色 Dior. Rouge. 我是说 也可能是香奈儿 Well, I mean, it could be Chanel. 不 有一个雷迪克&博斯曼律所的律师 No. There is a Reddick, Boseman lawyer 和那个重要客户名单有关联 connected to that VIP list. -谁 -你 - Who? - You. 你下载了那份名单并把它交给了你父亲 You implicated yourself by downloading that list 这就把你自己卷入了这件事 and getting it to your father, 但前提是你父亲出卖你 but that would require your father turning on you, 他不会出卖你的 对吧 and he wouldn't turn on you, would he? 好吧 我们就到这里吧 Okay, let's leave this here. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171213/The-Good-Fight-01-05-25.html