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闪电侠(The Flash) 第03季 第06集 第10期

好吧 你为什么这么想找他 Okay. Why do you need him so badly? 他在查看我的东西 但是现在 He's going through my stuff, but now... 他开始胡乱搞了 He's just being stupid about it. 胡乱搞什么 Stupid about what? 天 我发誓我修好了安全系统的 God, I swear I fixed the security system. 你这家伙是谁 Who the hell are you? HR HR. 抱歉 Apologies. HR HR. 看 你刚才见到的是 See? Ah. What you've just been witness to 我搭档兰道夫·摩根的模样 was my partner's likeness, Randolf Morgan. 好吧 我知道怎么回事了 Okay, I see what's going on here. 你们这个地球上没有 You don't have facial transmogrification 面部变形技术 对吧 on this planet, do you? 不 我们显然没有 No, we certainly do not. 那好吧 Well then, 还好在被我遗忘的背包里 it's a good thing for me I found this little contraption 找到了这个小装置 in my satchel-forgot I brought it. 简直太好玩了 It's so fun. 好玩 这是什么原理 So fun? How does this work? 光线折射技术 Light refraction technology. 光线折射 Light refraction? 我想...我不...兰道夫 I think--I don't-- Randolf, 我的工作搭档 my--business partner, 他对科技更在行 he's sort of more with the science. 但这小管子在解决哈里森·威尔斯 But this little sucker is gonna go a long way 易容难题上帮了我大忙 to solving my Harrison Wells facial issues. 在找回我的超能力手铐前这个归我管 I'm gonna hang onto this until I get my power cuffs back. 什么 你的超能力手铐 What, your power cuffs? 你的超能力者能力抑制手铐吗 Your meta-human power-dampening cuffs? 正是那些突然失踪的手铐 Those very ones, the ones that are missing all of a sudden. 你觉得是我拿走了吗 What--you think-- you think I took them? 我没有拿 我拿手铐做什么 I didn't take them. What do I need cuffs for? 我才刚来到这个地球 孤身一人 I just got to this Earth. I came alone. 我还谁都没见过 就算我见过了 I haven't met anyone yet; it's gonna take a while, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171213/The-Flash-03-06-10.html