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闪电侠(The Flash) 第02季 第11集 第15期

跟这个无关 乔 It's not even about that, Joe. 我不想又让一个人成为极速或逆闪电 I-I don't want another person that Zoom or Reverse-Flash 或其他超能力者可以牵制我的筹码 or any of these meta-humans can use against me. 我不想那样 帕蒂不能因此受到伤害 I don't want it. Patty can't get hurt over this. 发现超光子了 在87街和J大街那里 Tachyons! 87th and Avenue J. 那肯定是水星实验室秘密基地之一 Must be one of Mercury Labs' off-site facilities. -黑进他们的... -我已经黑进了他们的安全系统 - Hack into their se-- - I've hacked in the security feed. -一旦... -我比你快一步 - And once that-- - I'm one step ahead of you. 快点 巴里 Barry, hurry up! 充电完毕 It's charged. 你可以走了 You can go now. 你说过会放我走的 You said you'd release me. 是的 我说过 不是吗 Yes, I did. Didn't I? 他会杀了她的 He's gonna kill her. -你还好吗 -嗯 - You okay? - Yeah. 好的 离开这里 好吗 快走 Okay, get out of here, all right? Go! Go! 我靠它才能回家 That was my way home! 你哪儿也别想去 You're not going anywhere. 你还没赢呢 闪电侠 You haven't won here, Flash. 我会另寻他法回去的 I'll find another way back. 你得先过了我这关才行 You're gonna have to get through me first. 你真觉得自己速度快得能阻止我吗 You really think you're fast enough to stop me? 我们走着瞧吧 Let's find out. 有本事就来抓我 Catch me if you can. 比赛开始了 Oh, it's on. 抓住他 巴里 Get him, Bar. 还不够快 斯旺 Not fast enough, Thawne. 我不会再输给你了 I will never lose to you again. 我们之间的纷争 现在就得结束 This war between us, it ends now! 巴里 你得停下 Bar, you got to stop! 巴里 别杀了他 逮住他就好 Bar, don't kill him! Just bring him in! 准备好牢房 Get the cell ready. 他能不能 Hey, he can't...? 穿墙而逃吗 不 他做不到 Phase his way out? No, he can't do that. 这是我们去年关威尔斯博士的牢房 It's the same cell we used to hold Dr. Wells last year. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171213/The-Flash-02-11-15.html