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非典型孤独(Atypical) 第01季 第05集 第05期

卡片 Card. 谢谢 Thank you. 这是我发明的新规矩 It's a system I developed 这样山姆就不会拿南极的事去烦别人了 so Sam doesn't annoy people with Antarctica facts. 我每天早上给他三张卡片 I give him three cards at the beginning of every day, 他一讲南极的事 我就拿走一张 and when he talks about Antarctica, I take one away. 他手上的卡片用光了的时候 When he's out of cards, 他就不能再提了 he can't talk about it anymore. 规矩就是这样 对吗 山姆 That's the rule, right, Sam? 我用发泡彩胶装饰了下卡片 I decorated it with puffy paint. 山姆 你同意这样吗 Sam, are you okay with this? 我觉得有点傻 I think it's dumb, 但是其他人看起来很开心 but other people seem to be happy, 尤其是佩姬 mostly Paige. 北极狐通常是一夫一妻制... Arctic foxes tend to form monogamous pairs... 它们一窝可以生25只幼崽 and their litters can contain as many as 25 kits. 25只 Twenty-five! 我就猜到你这里会有点乱 I'm actually not surprised that it's a little bit messy in here. 我一直在做研究 I've been doing research, 有些人觉得从小患有自闭症的人 and while some think that people on the spectrum 总是很整洁 其实有些时候并非如此 are always neat, sometimes they're not. 你能想象和25只狐狸共住一窝吗 Can you imagine sharing a space with 25 other foxes? 俄勒冈州的波特兰 我二表哥就在那里 Portland, Oregon. I have a second cousin there. -肯定很混乱 -暴风雪 - It'd be chaos. - It's a blizzard! 转啊转 有个指南针 Spin, spin, spin. Ooh, a compass. 你就在正北边呢 You're right at north! 看这个 这个太酷了 回忆杀 Look at this! This is cool. Blast from the past. 这个要用几号电池 What kind of batteries does this take? 直升飞机 我喜欢叫直升机 Helicopters. I like to call these choppers. 这个很酷的雕塑是什么 What's this cool sculpture saying? 是雕塑吗 这个里面能放多少... Is it a sculpture? How many of these would fit in... 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171213/Atypical-01-05-5.html