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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第07季 第04集 第02期

和布林顿医生的所作所为是非法的 and, uh, Brinton did is illegal. 从而导致了这场错误致死的案件 Hence, this wrongful death suit. 州法已经很清楚了 State law is very clear. 医生... Physician... 抱歉 法官阁下 Your Honor. 医生协助的 Uh, physician-assisted... 自杀 suicide. 这是... It's... 我... I, uh... 你刚刚在说州法 You were talking about state law, 看起来你认为州法的规定很清楚了 which you seem to believe is very clear. -谢谢 -你觉得谁会赢 - Thank you. - Who's winning? 我的客户能和艾莉克莎的... Um, my clients can speak to Alexa's... -你说什么 -他们俩 你觉得谁会赢 - Excuse me? - Between the two, who's winning? 我不知道 Uh, I have no idea. 我认为你知道 I think you do. 我认识你吗 Do I know you? -法官阁下 -我甚至认为 - Your Honor... - I don't even think 坎宁并不需要拐杖 Canning needs those canes. 我觉得那是他的道具 I think they're props. 先生 很抱歉打断您 但我得专心听庭辩 Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I-I have to focus on this. 我知道 I know. 我是迪普尔先生的首席顾问 I'm Mr. Dipple's general counsel. 伊森·卡维尔 Ethan Carver. -你在监视我吗 -不 是他 - Are you checking up on me? - No. Him. 底线就是这个错误致死案件 The bottom line is that this wrongful-death suit... 那就是为什么他被解雇了 That's why he's fired, 你会代替他 and you're replacing him. 迪普尔先生曾跟我保证 Mr. Dipple assured me 我不会上庭辩述 that I would not have to argue in court. 短信里「AWTTW」是什么意思 What does "AWTTW" mean in a text? 我的职责就是帮欧克曼先生预估 My role was to prep Mr. Oakman and help him anticipate 被告的辩述 仅此而已 what the defense would argue, that's all. 「说给聪明人听的话」 "A word to the wise." 谢谢 天 我讨厌发短信 Thank you. God, I hate texts. 这简直是这星球上最丑恶的语言 It's the ugliest language on the planet. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171212/The-Good-Wife-07-04-2.html