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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第05集 第03期

你不能那样做 You can't do that. 滚出去 艾丽西娅 Get out of here, Alicia. 马上滚 Right now. 你被解雇了 You're fired. 不 No. 你最好别逼我 You don't want to push this. 我是个合伙人 I'm a partner. 你想开除我 You want to remove me, 你需要执行委员会的多数票 you need the majority vote of the executive board, 然后你需要正式合伙人投票 and then you need a vote of the full board. 我需要你站在这里 I need you to stand right here. 如果她试图联系任何人 If she tries to contact anyone, 记录下来并立刻联系我 明白了吗 document it and contact me immediately. Do you understand? 明白了 I do. 我是28楼的威尔·加德纳 This is Will Gardner on the 28th floor. 我需要你立刻派四个警卫上来 I need four security guards up here right now. 我该怎么做 What should I do? 把你手机给我 Give me your phone. 我们要通知凯里或者其他什么人吗 Do we tell Cary or somebody? 我不能告诉你怎么做 I can't tell you what to do. 总有一天 我们要被传唤作证 At some point, you and I are going to be deposed 说明我们刚才做了些什么 about what we did just now. 你必须自己决定怎么做 You have to do things on your own. 我去通知凯里 I'll talk to Cary. 提醒你一句 Just so you know, 威尔在召集执行委员会和正式合伙人 Will is gathering up the excutive commitee and full board 来解除我的职务 大概需要一小时 to releave me of my duties, and that will take an hour. 所以抓紧时间 So hurry. 我是艾丽西娅·福瑞克 是的 This is Alicia Florrick. Yes. 我想知道我们可以提前一周搬进办公地点吗 We need to know if we can move into the office space a week earlier? 他们发现了 艾丽西娅被解雇了 They found out and Alicia's been fired. 我们还有半小时 And we have half hour. 可恶 我们还没拿到所有档案 Damn it. We don't have all the files. 好吧 你下载档案 我负责客户通讯录 Ok. You download and I'll get the contacts. 我们要凑法定人数 霍华德 快走 We need a quorum Howard. Let's go. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171212/The-Good-Wife-05-05-3.html