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无耻家庭(Shameless US) 第07季 第11集 第21期

我搬进来方便监督改造 I moved in so I could oversee the remodel, 但我还没开始 but--but I never got it started. 你可以开始上钟了 Yo, you can start on service. 我能行 I got this. 有人想来个热辣电臀吗 Anybody order a hot piece of ass? 睁大眼欣赏个够吧 汉子们 Feast your eyes, boys. 只能看 不能摸 You can look, but you can't touch. 除了你 你能摸 Except you. You can touch. 给你打一下 Go on and give it a little slap. 看起来这里不仅仅只有酒水 Looks like the drinks aren't the only things 那么硬挺 that are stiff around here. 我的屁屁把大家都点燃了 My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. 44号洲际公路南段 德克萨斯 农场路段 还是得想办法穿越边境 Still have to figure out a way to get across the border. 可以游过去 Could try swimming over. 不会 Never learned how. 当真 Seriously? 那我们就开车过去 Or we could try driving. 他们可能在过境处 They probably have my picture posted 贴满了我的照片 all over the border crossing. 必须的 Yeah, yeah, yeah. 需要搞点现金 操了 Gonna need to get some real money, man. Fuck. 好吧 All right. 我们之前经过的那个酒吧 That bar we passed back there. -你他妈疯了 -怎么 - Are you fucking nuts? - What? 这是德州 全民带枪 This is Texas. Everybody here is packing. 那你有更好的办法搞现金吗 You got a better idea how to get cash? 当然 银行 Yeah. the bank. 看看 Oh, check it out 伊恩·加拉格终于长大成人了 Ian Gallagher putting his big boy pants on. -莫妮卡 开门 -走开 - Oh, Monica, open the door. - Go away. 你都已经原谅我那么多了 You already forgave me for everything else. 多一件又怎样 What's one more? 鼻子断了吗 Is it broken? 没 No. 你还没听到我的誓词呢 You didn't hear my vows yet. 今天我在此处 I stand here today 因为你的出现 使我的生命变得 because my life is infinitely better with you, 无限美好 than without.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171212/Shameless-US-07-11-21.html