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摩登家庭(Modern Family) 第05季 第11集 第02期

不能让艾丽克斯知道我有多讨厌陪她练车 Alex can never know how much I hate driving with her. 她今天倒是很急啊 Mm, she's in a hurry today. 那只是她九步安全测试的第一步 Oh, that's just step one of her nine-point safety test. 第二步是检查喇叭 Step two is checking the horn 确保检查喇叭没有搞坏喇叭 to make sure checking the horn didn't break the horn. 她就不该开车 She should never drive. 别想了 你耍了我 Forget it! You tricked me! 很抱歉 伙计 但我的儿子 I'm sorry, buddy, but no son of mine's 可不能上了高中都不知道 going to high school without at least knowing 怎么跳方形步 how to do a proper box step. 相信我 会跳舞的人总能钓到妹子 Trust me, dancers always get the girls. 还记得《浑身是劲》里那个 Remember the great Kevin Bacon 很厉害的凯文·培根吗 from "Footloose"? 我看是"浑身傻劲"吧 More like "Footloser." 注意点 Careful! 好了 废话少说 必须去学 All right, no more talking. We're doing this. 有一天你会感激我的 You'll thank me someday. 等你找到自己的标志性舞步后就好多了 It gets better when you find your signature move! 他们以前总叫我"下腰之王"[扒手之王] They used to call me "King of the dips"! 昨晚曼尼的派对剩下的东西 Why can't we just repurpose some of the stuff 怎么不能重复利用呢 from manny's party last night? 我们还剩半个蛋糕 We got half a cake left. 气球都完好无损 The balloons are fine. 我的两个儿子 It's bad enough that both my sons 同一天生日已经够糟了 have to share the same birthday. 他们至少得有自己的生日派对吧 At least they deserve their own party. 你觉得乔会介意吃昨天的蛋糕吗 You think Joe's gonna mind day-old cake? 他都吃不了 才长了三颗牙 He can't even eat it. He's got three teeth. 20年后你想吃蛋糕的时候 I'll remember that in 20 years 我一定不会忘了这话 when you want cake. 他都不知道派对是为他举办的 He doesn't even know the party's for him. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171212/Modern-Family-05-11-2.html