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绿箭(Arrow) 第03季 第11集 第15期

我们 怎么 你现在和劳蕾尔组团了 "Us?" What, are you and Laurel a team now? 之前说奥利弗的使命结束了 我错了 I was wrong when I said Oliver's mission was over, 因为那并不只是 because it's not 奥利弗的使命 也是我们的使命 just Oliver's mission anymore, it is ours. 我们的家园正在受到攻击 It's our home that is under attack. 据我们所知 奥利弗可能死了 For all we know, Oliver could be dead 莎拉也死了 and Sara certainly is. 但是还有很多人还活着 But there are people that are still alive. 他们需要我们 People who need us. 好吧 OK. 首先我们要找出那些市议员的下落 First we have to find out where those aldermen are. -这个主意不好 -你已经说了 - It's a bad idea. - So you've said... 很多遍 但这是我的决定 repeatedly. But it's my decision, 照我说的去做 去下达命令 so do as I tell you and give the order! 是你放弃了 你想让我的人撤出贫民区 You give it. You want to pull my men out the Glades, 可以 你这是自掘坟墓 我可不想掺合 fine, that's your funeral. But I don't want any part of it. 失陪了 Excuse me. 喂 Hello? 老爸 Hi, Daddy. 莎拉 Sara. 莎拉 你去哪了 Sara, where you been? 我担心死你了 I've been worried sick about you. 对不起 I'm sorry. 我在这 I'm here. 你还好吗 Are you OK? 是的 还行 Well, yeah, I mean, I've been better. 我想你也是 I'm sure you have been, too. 你之前怎么不打给我呢 亲爱的 Listen, why didn't you call me sooner, honey? 说来话长 It's complicated. 她怎么做到的 How is she doing this? 我用一种标志算法 I fed recordings of Sara's voice 把莎拉的声音加了进去 through a symbolic algorithm. 爸爸 很抱歉我之前离开了 Daddy, I'm sorry that I've been away, 不过我不想你担心我 but I don't want you to worry about me. 我很好 I'm fine. 我是来这帮你的 And I'm here to help. 好的 OK. 你需要什么 What do you need from me? 我需要你告诉我所有人质的情况 I need you to tell me everything you know about the hostages. 无论多无关紧要 No matter how seemingly insignificant. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171212/Arrow-03-11-15.html