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绿箭(Arrow) 第02季 第12集 第06期

钱不是问题 This is not a problem. 你知道它有百人以上的杀伤力吧 You do know that thing could kill hundreds of people? 不对 特纳先生 No, Mr. Turner. 是千人以上 It will kill thousands. 该你了 Now you. 慢慢来 Go slowly. 停 Stop! 我不是在教你出拳 This is not about learning to throw a punch, 是在教你力度控制 this is about learning to control your strength. 先是打水花 现在又是这个 First water slapping, now this. 你什么时候才能玩完这些 When are you going to run out of ways 让我看起来很蠢的把戏 to make me look stupid?! 我能学到的就只有怎么被惹毛 All I'm learning is new ways to get pissed off, 顺便说一句 and in case you haven't noticed, 我本来就擅长了 I'm already pretty good at that. 愤怒并非无益 罗伊 力量就来自愤怒 There's nothing wrong with anger, Roy. Anger is energy, 但是你得学习用好的方式使用它 but you need to learn to channel it in a positive way. 比如打击那些破坏城市的人 Like putting the hurt on guys going after the city. 就不让我打个能反击的目标吗 Let me try hitting something that'll actually hit back. 时候未到 Too soon. 带我去一次 Get me out there with you. 就一晚上 One night. 这些蠢东西也能好接受些 All this, it would be a lot easier to take. 莫伊拉 Moira. 我以为是二人晚餐呢 Ah. I didn't realize we'd have company. 这位是马克·弗朗西斯 This is Mark Frances. 他是卡达克集团的首席财务官 Mark's CFO at Kardak Holdings. 我们曾在政党选举指导委员会共事过 We've been putting in some hours with the party's election steering committee. 很高兴见到你 It's a pleasure to meet you. 最近高兴见我的人可不多了 Those are words I'm not accustomed to hearing these days. 你只是像母狮一样在保护自己的孩子们 You were a lioness doing what she had to do to protect her cubs. 星城很多人都像我一样 You know, I'm not the only person in Starling 站在你这边 who sees it that way. 谢谢你的安慰 That's a comfort. 实话实说而已 请坐 It's the truth. Please. 谢谢 Thank you. 不常见你对政治 Well, it's unlike you to 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171212/Arrow-02-12-6.html