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为什么熊猫面临灭绝 Why Pandas Are Dying Out

Panda as the national treasure, is favored by people from all around the world. People call them the most lovely diplomatist, because the government gives pandas to other countries to show friendliness. It is known to all that pandas are dying out, though some measures have been taken to protect them. On the one hand, the newborn rate of panda is very low, and the mother panda only can raise one baby, so they have to make choice to raise the strong one, then the rest babies will be dead. In order to improve the newborn rate, scientists have helped to raise more baby pandas. When they grow up, they will go back to the nature. But as the environment is damaged by human being, some pandas can’t get used to it and die soon. The best way to protect panda is to protect the environment.  熊猫是国宝,深受来自世界各地人们的喜爱。人们称他们为最可爱的外交家,因为政府把他们赠送给其他国家以示友善。众所周知,虽然政府已经采取一些措施去保护熊猫,但是熊猫还是在面临灭绝危机,一方面,因为熊猫的出生率很低,母熊猫只可以养育一个孩子,所以它们必须做出选择,养育强大的那个而其余的熊猫婴儿将会死亡。为了提高新生儿出生率,科学家们也帮助他们养育更多的熊猫宝宝。不过它们长大后,就会回到大自然中。但随着环境被人类破坏,一些熊猫不能很快的适应环境而死亡。保护熊猫最好的方法是保护环境。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/Why-Pandas-Are-Dying-Out.html