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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第06集 第26期

但恐怕斯坦普勒先生是对的 but I'm afraid Mr. Stabler is right. 除非你能证明袭击发生在午夜以前 Unless you can prove that the attack occurred before midnight, 否则我恐怕不得不驳回起诉 I will have no choice but to dismiss the case. 我没有看表 I wasn't watching the clock. 我只顾着从那里逃出来 别被强奸 I was trying to get out of there without getting raped. 我们理解 那不是问题所在 Of course you were. That's not the issue. 问题是性侵犯持续的时间 The issue is the length of the assault. 什么意思 Meaning what? -你说他在MWR的酒吧开始骚扰你 -对 - You said he started harassing you in the bar at the MWR? - Yes. 然后他跟踪你回到办公室 And then he followed you back to the office? 所以是否能认为该侵犯行为具有持续性 So it could be viewed as one long attack? 我...我不能说谎 I... I can't lie. 这与说谎无关 It's not about lying. 这是在更完整地回忆起过去的事件 It's about more fully remembering a past event. 我知道 这听起来像是文过饰非 I know, it sounds like a rationalization. 其实不是 你在酒吧被挑逗 It's not. You were hit on in the bar. 你推开了他 甚至可能有过说笑 You pushed him off. Maybe even laughed. 但并不是因为你觉得好笑 Not because it was funny, 而是因为那是最快地打发他的办法 but because it's the easiest way to make him go away. 然后我回到我的办公室 Then I went back to my office. 他跟踪我到了那我才开始感到害怕 And I wasn't afraid until he followed me there. 你认为他在酒吧里的企图 Do you think that he had the same intent 与他在办公室里的企图一致吗 at the bar as he did in the office? 企图实施性行为 或者说强奸你 To have sex, or force you to have sex? 是 但从法律角度看 这点并不重要 Yes, but legally, it doesn't matter. 唯一重要的问题是 The only thing that matters is 我是否遭到了实质性的侵犯 whether I experienced it as one attack. 劳拉 你得停止像律师一样思考问题 Laura, you need to stop thinking as a lawyer. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/The-Good-Wife-04-06-26.html