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Not just our imagination they stretch our ability to understand when and where change is possible. 不只延伸了我们的想象 还让我们能理解怎样的时间和地点 有可能产生变化 The question when we see exceptions, whether it's the Lykken and Tellegen study, 当我们看到了例外-无论是在Lykken和Tellegen的研究 Where we do see exceptions not all twins were the same, 还是别的出现了例外的研究-当发现不是所有的双胞胎都一样 Majority were, but not all the question is no longer whether or not change is possible, 主要的问题已不再是 改变是否有可能 But rather how is change possible. Once again, the exception proves the rule. 而是怎样实现这种改变例外证实了那个规律 And the research that argues that it's not possible to change, is detrimental. 认为 改变是不可能 的研究是有害的 Think about an eight year old girl, who's very unhappy, 设想一个8岁的女孩她很忧伤 And then reads some magazine about that study, saying that basically you are genetically set point 然后在杂志上读到那个研究研究告诉她 基本上你的基因决定了一切 What you are born with is there for life. She's unhappy. 你与生俱来的一切 将伴随你终生她会更忧伤 She feels anxious and miserable as an 8 year old. And she says to herself, 她只有8岁 但会觉得非常焦虑与痛苦她就会想 That's it. That's my lot in life. I was born unlucky. And that, very often, becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. 我的人生就是这样 我生来不幸 那很可能会成为一个自我实现的预言 And she remains unhappy. Sometimes it even makes her less happy than she was before. 她始终不快乐有时这研究让她比以前更不快乐 Because now she's also helpless. Change is possible. 因为现在她简直是绝望了改变是可能的 You know I often say that I am the right the person to teach positive psychology. 你知道我经常说我是教积极心理学的最佳人选 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517745.html