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美国总统选举中的地理学 第134期:1972-2004美国总统大选(02)

What they did in the next election was to turn to a southerner 在后一届大选中他们挑选了一名来自南方的候选人 a southern moderate Jimmy Carter from Georgia try to reclaim that lost geographical landscape of the south 卡特,来自乔治亚的温和派以试图收复民主党在南方的失地 and you can see so they did so quite successfully, the Republicans had been embarrassed by the Watergate scandal 从选情来看,卡特的大选非常成功,共和党身陷水门事件的丑闻当中 Gerald Ford had made some flubs in the debates and Carter went on to a very very narrow victory 候选人福特在辩论中口误连连使卡特得以凭微弱优势赢得大选 You can see with just a couple of percent his points in the popular election 在选民投票中民主党仅领先一点几个百分点 and the Democrats did very poorly in the west, the Pacific coast and the interior west 民主党在西部的战绩惨不忍睹,包括太平洋沿岸和西部内陆地区 but really had pretty much gone back to getting almost the entire south except Virginia 但民主党几乎重获了除了弗吉尼亚以外的整个南部的支持 In California if you look at it at that same election you can see a continuation of those earlier patterns 这场大选中,加州的选情延续了早前的地理模式 Well yes the Democrats Jimmy Carter takes San Francisco, take Alameda with Oakland in Berkeley 民主党人,吉米·卡特拿下了三藩市县及伯克利和奥克兰所在的阿拉曼达县 but the rest of the Bay Area pretty much going to Gerald Ford 而旧金山湾的剩余区域大部分都选了福特 and with the Democrats having still strong strength in rural farm counties in San Joaquin Valley 民主党人在圣华金山谷,周边的农村区域仍有较高支持率 Even up in Lassen County which today votes for Republicans by about 80% or 85% 即使是如今80%-85%倾向共和党的拉森县,当时也支持民主党 so you hadn't gone yet through this transformation 可见在这场地理格局的渐变中 at which California is one of the first states where the suburbs start to win in the Democratic direction 加州率先出现郊区转而支持民主党的现象 The next election 1980 was another disaster for the Democrats 1980年的大选对民主党又是一次灾难性的打击 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517732.html