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释义 antagonism; confrontation; resist; oppose; antagonize 释义相关词条: antagonize confront countermine counterwork rivalry withstand 双语例句 1. The reforms come after decades of hostility to revisionism. 和修正主义对抗了几十年之后,改革终于到来了。 2. How much faith should we put in anti-ageing products? 我们对抗衰老产品应该抱有多少信心? 3. He promised to continue the fight against infidel forces. 他许诺继续对抗异教势力。 4. They could fight shoulder-to-shoulder against a common enemy. 他们可以同心协力,对抗共同的敌人。 5. The confrontation turned ugly. 对抗局面进一步激化。 6. the fight against rising inflation 对抗不断升高的通货膨胀 7. They were completely powerless against such a large group. 他们完全没有能力对抗一个这么大的组织. 8. Although there are five candidates, realistically it is a two - horse race. 虽然有5名候选者, 实际上这是两名强者的对抗. 9. We must band together to fight the common enemy. 我们必须联合起来,对抗我们共同的敌人. 10. She put up a game fight against her detractors. 她勇敢对抗那些诽谤她的人. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517699.html