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释义 deprive; expropriate; strip; bereave; oust of 释义相关词条: bereave deprive oust of reave rob 双语例句 1. Philip was pretty miffed at being cut out of his father's will. 对于自己在父亲的遗嘱中被剥夺继承权这件事,菲利浦感到非常生气。 2. We are denied use of the land by the ruling classes. 统治阶层剥夺了我们使用土地的权利。 3. Trendy teachers are denying children the opportunity to study classic texts. 赶时髦的教师正在剥夺孩子学习经典课本的机会。 4. This in effect denied them their right to participate meaningfully in elections. 这实际上是剥夺了他们正式参与选举的权利。 5. He threatened to disinherit her if she refused to obey. 他威胁说如果她拒绝服从就剥夺她的继承权。 6. The years of civil war have dehumanized all of us. 连年内战剥夺了我们所有人的人性。 7. I would not want to deny them a harmless pleasure. 我不想剥夺他们这点无伤大雅的乐趣。 8. This does not justify the denial of constitutional protection. 这不能成为剥夺他人受宪法保护权利的正当理由。 9. She feels that women have been disempowered throughout history. 她认为在历史的长河中女性一直是被剥夺了权利的。 10. the inalienable right to decide your own future 不可剥夺的决定自己未来的权利 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517698.html