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释义 incomplete; fragmentary; deformity; [电影]Crippled Avengers 释义相关词条: deformity 双语例句 1. A deformed body may have a beautiful soul. 身体虽残缺,心灵可美好. 2. The missing parts of the inscribed bamboo slips have not yet been discovered. 迄今仍未发现竹简残缺的部分. 3. Up broken cement steps to the back porch door. 沿残缺的水泥台阶而上,到游廊的后门. 4. Buddha said : each heart is lonely and misshapen when they are born. 佛曰∶每一颗心生来就是孤单而残缺的. 5. He's orange and has got a gimpy fin on one side. 他是橙色的,身体的一边有一只鳍有些残缺. 6. But we cannot use money to compensate their physical deformity. 但是我们却不能用钱来弥补她们身体上的残缺. 7. Thus, with fragmentary memory and few photos, I still can recall something. 如此这般, 借着残缺的记忆,和手上仅有的照片, 我还可以多少再抓取些回忆. 8. We appear between you friends. Try to mend the troubled friendship. 当我们与朋友间出现分歧和误解时, 要尽力修复我们残缺的友谊. 9. The woman scratched him with her long, Broken mils. 那女人用长长的, 残缺不齐的指甲抓他. 10. Heart sounds like a balloon was broken, and then left incomplete fragments. 心碎的声音就像是气球被扎破, 然后留下残缺的碎片. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517697.html