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创业与企业发展 第36期:执行速度(02)

I'll tell a quick story here. 我简单讲一个故事 Uh, when I was running my own company um, 当我在经营自己的公司时 we found out that we were about to lose a deal. 我们发现将要失去一笔生意 And it was sort of this, this CRItical deal from the first big customer in the space. 是我们的第一个大客户的某单重要的生意 Uh, and it was gonna go to this company that had been around for years before we were. 这笔生意将要被一家公司抢走,他们之前已经经营了很多年 Um, and they had us, like, all locked up. 他们让我们束手无策 So we called. We said, hey we have this better product. 所以我们打了电话,我们说我们有更好的产品 You gotta meet with us. 你得和我们见一面 They said, you know what. 你们知道他们说了什么吗? We're signing this deal tomorrow. Sorry. 他们说,我们明天就要签合同了,不好意思 Um, we drove to the airport. We got on a plane. 我们开车到机场,上了飞机 Um, we were at their office at 6AM the next morning. We just sat there. 第二天早上6点,我们出现在了他们的办公室,我们就坐在那儿 They told us to go away. 他们让我们离开 We just kept sitting there. 我们就一直坐在那儿 Um, finally one of the junior guys decided to meet with us. 最后一个地位较低的人决定和我们见面谈谈 Um, finally after that, one of the senior guys decided to meet with us. 最后,在那之后,一个职位高的负责人决定和我们见面 They ended up ripping up the contract and so their company. 他们最终撕毁了合同,公司也同意了 Um, and we closed the deal with them about a week later. 一周后,我们和他们做成了那笔生意 Uh, and I'm sure that had we not gotten on a plane, had we not shown up in person, 我肯定如果我们当初没有上飞机,没有和他们面对面谈话 that would not have worked out. 那么我们就会失去这笔生意了 Um, and so you just sort of like, you show up, you do these things, you know. 所以你看,露露面做这些事情 Uh, it's, when people say get on planes in marginal situations they usually mean it. 当人们说在紧急情况下上飞机时,他们是认真的 Uh, well they don't usually mean it literally but I think it's actually good literal advice. 虽然通常不是指字面上的意思,但我认为这实际上是一条很好的字面建议 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517687.html