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亚洲社会文化研究 第36期:关于移民的对话(36)

I know, I mean, I think its only 30% of Congress that actually owns passports. 我也知道实际上只有30%的国会议员有自己的护照。 Is that true? Oh my goodness. I mean, I do think that maybe a basic economics course. 那是真的吗?我的天呐。我认为那或许基于经济原因。 Some of these things really go a long way to producing civilization in this country. 许多议案真的要在这个国度走很长的路来产生文化。 Our last comment from the audience. 最后一个观众评论。 Thank you. Turning the question of how can we be more welcoming in our country to people from other parts of the world. 谢谢,我们国家的人如何能更热情地欢迎世界其他国家的人。 Perhaps we should also ask at the same time, how do we get our children, how do we get our neighbors to understand that we are citizens of the world? 或许我们也应该同时问问我们怎样有我们的孩子,我们怎样使我们的邻居明白我们是这个世界的公民? That we share the same biosphere? So there's another side of the coin that we're talking about. 我们分享同一个生物圈?因此我们谈论的事物总是有两面性。 We welcome people, but how do we have a tectonic shift in our culture to understand, 我们欢迎人家,但我们要如何构造转变我们的文化理解, when we hear that people are rioting in Egypt, the first that that comes to our mind is not the price of gasoline. 当我们听到人们在埃及暴乱,大脑第一反应不是天然气的价格, And I wonder if any of you can speak to that other side of the coin. 而且我想知道是否那位可以体积事物的两面性。 Is your question how can we personally be welcoming? 你的问题是我们如何亲自欢迎是吗? He wants to know how we can change the culture. 他想知道我们如何改变文化。 How can we change the culture? 我们如何改变文化? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517677.html