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亚洲社会文化研究 第35期:关于移民的对话(35)

Because not only did that Congress and President at that time, 因为当时国会和总统不仅仅这样做, I mean, they fearlessly went ahead and passed Medicare, 我想说他们毫无畏惧地继续大刀阔斧通过了医疗方案, they passed the Civil Rights Act, but often times overlooked is the Immigration Act that they passed. 他们通过了民权法案,多次想想他们通过的移民方案。 That really changed the face of America. 这的确改变了美国的面貌, And what you have to have among politicians, because this is really a political question, 并且你需要处于政客之中,因为这实在是一个政治问题, is you have to have people who are willing to face the issue head on and to talk about it and to open up a real discussion 你不得不去有这样愿意直击问题,愿意开放式谈论 and not leave it up to the no-nothings and the knuckle heads, you know? And let them run away with the agenda. 不愿束之高阁并且坚持到底的人,你知道吗?让他们不受议程的束缚。 You have to be in a sense, fearless in the way that the immigration people, the people who landed in America were fearless. 你必须有意义地,毫不畏惧对待移民,因为来到美国的人都是胆大的。 I mean, our politicians have to stop being afraid and standing up for people like you and your descendants who came here. 我是说,我们的政客必须停止畏惧,而且支持像你和你来到这里的后代。 Because all of us, you're right, were children of descendents coming from people over immigration. 因为我们中的所有人,正如你所说的都是二代移民。 But how do we put a ram-rod of fearlessness in our politicians? 但我们怎么把我们的无畏注入我们的政客中去? How do we put a rim around our politicians to make them more brave? 我们怎么把勇气光环套到我们的政客身上去使他们更勇敢? How about educating them? yeah! yeah! 为什么不给他们上上课呢?对啊!对! I do think there should be a fund where all members of Congress before they run for Congress I guess, 我想国会有一个基金在他们运行国会之前,我猜 all people standing for Congress, should be forced to go abroad once. 所有代表国会的议员都应该被强迫出国一次, I mean, I do think they should own a passport. 我的意思是他们应该有自己的护照。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517676.html