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TED十佳演讲之感动重临 我的多调人声(02)

So there's things you can't do, and these limitations on the human voice have always really annoyed me, 所以说,总有声响是你发不出来的,这些人声的局限总是困扰我呀 because beatbox is the best way of getting musical ideas out of your head and into the world, 因为B-Box是把你脑子里的音乐想法发挥出来并走向世界的最好的办法 but they're sketches at best, which is what's annoyed me. 但它们最多算得上草稿,那就是困扰我的地方 If only, if only there was a way for these ideas to come out unimpeded by the restrictions which my body gives it. 要是有一个方法可以让这些想法不受身体限制并顺畅的表达出来就好了 So I've been working with these guys, and we've made a machine. 所以,我一直和这些家伙合作,我们成功造出了一台机器 We've made a system which is basically a live production machine, 我们制造了一个系统一台实时的创作机器 a real-time music production machine, and it enables me to, using nothing but my voice, 一台实时的音乐创作机器,它能让我只用自己的声音 create music in real time as I hear it in my head 即时创作我脑袋里听到的音乐 unimpeded by any physical restrictions that my body might place on me. 不受任何我身体构造可能对我造成的限制 And I'm going to show you what it can do. 接下来我就给你们演示一下 And before I start making noises with it, and using it to manipulate my voice, 在我用它制造噪音、用它控制我的声音之前 I want to reiterate that everything that you're about to hear is being made by my voice. 我想重申一下,待会儿你们听到的所有声音都是我的声音 This system has -- thank you, beautiful assistant -- 这个系统...谢谢你,美丽善良的助手 this system has no sounds in it itself until I start putting sounds in it, 在我往这个系统里录音之前,它本身是没有任何声音的 so there's no prerecorded samples of any kind. 所以,没有任何形式的事先录音 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517660.html