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饮食与营养 第113期:同一个健康问题的探讨(06)

So we do use a SMART surveillance which is really a targeted, a adaptive surveillance 我们采用的是SMART监控,这是一种针对性和适应性很强的监控 And we started out with modeling looking at what do we know from the past 从建模开始观察过去的情况 what do we know about disease events that happened before 看关于原来的疾病事件,我们了解什么 what do we know about mammal diversity and human population density that can predict where are the most likely areas for diseases to emerge 看哺乳动物多样性和人类人口密度,以此预测最可能发生疾病的地区 So that's how we've targeted the countries we work in and the interfaces that are there 这就是标的国家及接触点的选择理由 We now go out and we do the fieldwork 之后到当地进行实地工作 That's where our teams are currently working, in these 21 countries 这也就是我们团队正在工作的21个国家 Based on what we find in the field, we can then do the laboratory diagnostics and developing new assays as well 根据实地考察结果,可以进行实验室诊断并开发出新模型 To try and say, okay, based on what we've found, we need to adapt 然后根据发现成果重新适应 we need to change our interface that we're looking at or based on a new pathogen that's detected 或许需要改变接触点位置,这要根据新病原体发现情况 So it can be a feedback and a complete loop, so that we can hopefully change as the world changes around us 这能够形成反馈和循环,让我们随时能和世界的改变同步 And really it comes back to the importance of early detection, right? 这种早期检测非常重要,对吗? The earlier that we can find a new pathogen the easier it is to prevent the spread 新病原体发现越早,预防其传播就会越容易 that then can become an exponential problem around the world 越容易避免造成全球高速传播的灾难 So if you look at the current timeline 看一下时间轴 I wonder what slides these are 这到底是什么幻灯片 You're looking at what would normally take maybe 24 days, until you could get the detection and response to the outbreak of events 一般的方法是取24天,直到检测到事件暴发并作出反应 But our goal really is just screwed it up 而我们要加速进行 If we know more about what's going on in the pathogen populations before an outbreak even occurs 我们希望在事件暴发前了解更多病原体的情况 then we can respond to that much quicker 并更快作出反应 And you can see the difference here really is that you prevent over a larger part 从这里,可以明显看到差别预防的概率面会更大 The yellow part here shows what might be prevented, if you can move the timeline up for actual response to a new outbreak 也就是黄色这部分,应对事件暴发的时间往前提了 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517638.html