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饮食与营养 第112期:同一个健康问题的探讨(05)

And then there you get into risk behavior at high risk interfaces which is how we target our specific surveillance strategy for wildlife 然后是人畜接触点的高危行为,这些就是野生动物监控策略的主要目标 Of course, all of these different things affect the livelihoods of the people who live in all of these developing countries 当然,所有这些都会影响发展中国家人们的生计 and that will affect how they decide to use land and population dynamics there 影响到他们的土地使用以及人口动态 So certainly it's a very interconnected the world that we live in 我们所处的世界联系越来越大 and there is a lot of different things that we're doing now to try and learn more about what's going on and how things may change 我们正在进行很多不同工作,试图了解发生了什么以及事物如何变化 Just as a justification really, we are learning more and more about 做这些是因为我们越来越多地了解 how many of the diseases that are important for human health and public health come from animals and specifically wildlife, right 很多野生动物疾病开始对人类公共健康造成重大威胁 So, we want to learn more about what are the underlying pathogens going on in these wildlife populations and then how we can hopefully 我们想更好地了解这些对人具有潜在威胁的病原体 prevent spillover or focus on early detection to prevent pandemic spread 了解如何在早期杜绝这些疾病从动物传给人 So we're targeting mainly viruses in this work that are the most likely to evolve the quickest to jump species 我们所关心的病原体多是能快速进化且具有高外溢可能的病毒 You can really see on the bottom right here where we start with all of these small-scale populations and interfaces 看这里的右下角一开始是这些较小规模的人口和接触点 but then you may get local emergence here where you have a background level of disease that goes over time 之后一段时间在当地会出现一定程度的疾病感染 You'll get these blips of disease outbreaks 零星出现疾病暴发 that may stay self-contained if you don't have more susceptible populations contacting them 如果外部的人不同这些人接触,问题还不会扩大 but now that we're in such a global society where planes are flying around the world all time, It's very easy to spread our pathogens 但现在是一个全球化的世界到处都有飞机,病原体传播很容易 And so what would've been a localized emergence a decade ago now can easily become a global emergence 这样,十年前还只是地方性发作的疾病现在就会全球暴发 And that's partly why we're funded to do the work that we're doing now, there's an increased awareness will be important to this 这就是政府提供资金做这些的一大原因,人们越来越意识到其重要性 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517637.html