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美国语文第五册 第109期:无信仰的内莉-盖(02)

Said she, I loved a soldier once, 她说,我曾爱过帅气大兵, For he was blithe and brave; 他开心快乐,也很勇敢, But I will never have a man, 但我,不喜欢那样男人, With both legs in the grave! 这辈子,再也无法站起! Before you had these timber toes, 当时,你没有失去双腿, Your love I did allow, 我确实,接受了你的爱情, But then, you know, you stand upon another footing now! 如今,你也早该知道,你不过站在,木头上面。 O false and fickle Nelly Gray! 哦,虚情假意的内莉·盖! I know why you refuse: 我知道,你为何拒绝我, Though I've no feet—some other man 虽然我不再有腿,但别人 Is standing in my shoes! 恰恰站在我的靴子上。 I wish I ne'er had seen your face; 但愿,别让我再看到你, But, now, a long farewell! 从此分手,永远再见! For you will be my death;—alas! 你就是我的死神——天呀! You will not be my NELL! 绝不是,我钟爱的美女! Now when he went from Nelly Gray, 本·巴特离开内莉·盖, His heart so heavy got, 他心情沉重,郁郁寡欢, And life was such a burden grown, 生活,变得不堪重负, It made him take a knot! 他整天变得纠结不安。 So round his melancholy neck, 本·巴特日夜,悲哀难抑, A rope he did entwine, 一根绳索,竟缠过脖颈, And for the second time in life. 短暂生命里,死亡象征, Enlisted in the Line! 长长的名单,报名参军。 One end he tied around a beam, 他把绳索,甩过横梁, And then removed his pegs, 然后果断地移去假肢, And, as his legs were off, of course 一旦失去身体支撑, He soon was off his legs. 当然,亦就离开了木头假腿。 And there he hung till he was dead 他悬挂梁上,死了, As any nail in town: 小镇墙上,一枚刺破的记忆, For, though distress had cut him up, 虽然,厄运无情将他击倒, It could not cut him down! 可完全不曾,将他碾碎。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517622.html