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Self-defence classes have reportedly seen a surge in applications after Britain was hit with three terrorist attacks in three months. 据报道,英国在三个月内遭受三次恐袭后,防身术课程申请创新高。 Many people have expressed interest in the classes to learn how to protect themselves in the event of another attack, according to The Times. 据《泰晤士报》报道,很多人表达了对防身术课程的兴趣,以便学习到遭遇袭击时如何保护自己。 One school said it had seen inquiries increase by 10 times following the assault on London Bridge and Borough Market that killed eight people and left dozens more injured. 一所学校表示,导致八人死亡及几十人受伤的伦敦桥及博罗市场恐袭事件发生后,学校收到的咨询增加了十倍, Another instructor said its waiting lists were “backing up” as it struggled to find staff to teach the classes. 还有一位教员说,等候名单已经“排满”,学校正在尽力寻找能教课的老师。 Combat Academy UK’s chief instructor Reece Coker told The Times: “With bombings or shootings, people tend to think that there’s nothing much they could do. 英国搏击学院的首席教员里斯-库克告诉《泰晤士报》,“如果袭击者使用的是炸弹和手枪,人们会觉得自己无能为力。” “But with the style of attack that we saw at London Bridge, killers roaming the streets with knives, there is a sense, rightly, that there is.” “但像伦敦桥恐袭这种袭击,恐怖分子用刀在街上刺杀,那么防卫课程就有用武之地了。” The company said application inquiries had jumped by 70 percent since March, when terrorist Khalid Masood launched a deadly vehicle and knife rampage on Westminster. 这家学院表示,自今年3月以来,申请课程咨询的数量上升了70%。今年3月,恐怖分子哈利德?马苏德在威斯敏斯特开车冲撞行人,并在下车后试图持刀闯入威斯敏斯特宫,造成多人伤亡。 Government advice in the event of a terror attack is to “run, hide, tell” and does not encourage members of the public to fight back. 政府有关发生恐袭时的建议是“跑开,躲避,报警”,并不鼓励公众反击。 However former SAS soldier John Geddes told the Daily Mirror members of the public should team up and try to overpower the attacker together. 而曾在英国空军特别部队服役的士兵约翰-戈德士告诉《每日镜报》说,公众应该联合起来,试着一起制服恐袭者。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517612.html