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高校研究生为流浪汉叫外卖 得到阿里巴巴奖励

A Chinese student's unexpected act of kindness paid off when he received over $700 after ordering takeout for a homeless man during a rainy day. 一名学生中国的意外善举得到了回报:在下雨天为一名流浪汉订了一份外卖之后,他获得了700多美元。 Kunming University of Science and Technology graduate student Wang Ya passed by an overpass and saw a homeless man sleeping in the rain wearing nothing but his light, summer clothes. 在路过一座天桥时,昆明理工大学的研究生王亚看到一名流浪汉穿着单薄的夏装,在雨中睡觉。 Wang couldn't bear the thought of the homeless man starving, so he went online and proceeded to order him tofu noodles with braised meat, pumpkin porridge and four BBQ pork buns. 王亚不能忍受这名流浪汉挨饿,于是他上网为那名流浪汉订了豆花米线(加焖肉)、南瓜粥和四个叉烧包。 The Kunming student then requested for the bountiful amount of food to be delivered directly to the homeless man in the overpass near his university, according to Shanghaiist. 据《上海人》透露,这名昆明学生随后要求这么多食物直接送到他大学附近天桥上的流浪汉那里。 If that wasn't heartwarming enough, Wang even specified a sense of urgency in the delivery, saying, "Please make sure that he receives this food as soon as possible. It's cold outside and I don't know if he's had anything to eat. I've seen him there since noon." 如果这还不够暖心,王亚甚至特地在外卖上加急称:“麻烦小哥一定送到,尽快!天冷不知道那个人有没有吃饭,中午就看到他在那儿了。” The manager of the restaurant was so moved by Wang's kind hear that they decided to add rice dumplings to the order, which took about half an hour. 餐厅的经理被王亚的善举感动了,他们决定给这份外卖加些肉饺,这花了约半个小时的时间。 Wang's tear-jerking tale went viral online and even managed to catch the attention of an Alibaba Group charitable foundation who gave the student 5,000 yuan ($751) for his efforts. 王亚的催泪故事在网上疯传,甚至成功吸引到了阿里巴巴集团慈善基金会的注意,该基金会奖励了这名学生5000元(751美元)。 Wang's good deed doesn't stop there, as he refused to spend the money on himself, donating the amount to numerous charities instead. 不过王亚的善行并未就此停止,他并没有给自己花这钱,而是把它捐给了很多慈善机构。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171207/517604.html