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美国恐怖故事(American Horror Story) 第01季 第07集 第01期

他们... What... 他们怎么说的 what did they say? 他们准备以忽视儿童罪起诉我 They're going to charge me with CRIminal child neglect. 他们要把他从我身边抢走 They're going to take him away. 把他送进慈善机构之类的地方 Place him in an institution. 我的儿子 My boy. 我的波雷佳德 My Beauregard. 你了解他的情况 Now, you know how he is. 我知道 I know. 我不在身边 他该怎么熬下去啊 How he suffers so when he's not with me. 如果你有一丁点喜欢我的话... If you have any feelings for me at all... 你知道我爱你 You know I love you. 我会为你做任何事 I would do anything for you. 那就按我们说好的 Then do it, 动手吧 like we discussed. 小波 Beau? 该睡觉了 You should be in bed. 小波 Beau 你想玩游戏 you want to play. 现在玩游戏有些晚了 小波 It's too late for games, Beau. 来吧 Come on. 该睡觉了 Time to sleep. 或许会做个梦 Perchance to dream. 当你睡梦中死去 梦就会成真 For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come. 现在闭上眼睛 Now, close your eyes. 上帝保佑我 God help me. 今天又很不舒服吗 Are we having another tough day? 不 我们挺好 No, we're fine. 只是想尽早拿到结果 Just eager to get the results. 当然了 你肯定很焦虑 Of course. You must be very anxious. 我们想确认孩子很健康 You know, we want to make sure everything's okay with the baby. 你没有看到什么异常吧 You didn't see anything unusual-- 蹄子或是别的什么 Hooves or anything? 什么 What? 完全没有 Not at all. 还有 哈蒙医生 这种担忧是很正常的 And, Dr. Harmon, that's not a ridiculous fear. 每个孕妇都害怕自己怀的是个小恶魔 Every pregnant woman worries they've got a little devil in them. 听完消息不要太激动 维维安 Now, I don't want you to get all worked up, Vivien. 你怀的是双胞胎 You're having twins. 什么 What? 双胞胎 Twins? 而且两个宝宝十分健康 And they're both perfectly healthy. 恭喜恭喜 Congratulations. 这房子是经典的洛杉矶维多利亚风格 The house is a classic L.A. Victorian. 开放参观 这些蒂凡尼灯具货真价实 These are real Tiffany fixtures. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/American-Horror-Story-01-07-1.html