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美国总统选举中的地理学 第132期:1920-1968美国总统大选 (69)

Even in California places like Kern County Bakersfield some of the San Joaquin Valleys foothills 即使在加州的克恩县,贝克斯菲尔德,圣华金山谷丘陵地带 I think it's up 15% in some of those areas I have to check again 华莱士支持率都达到了15%,我需要再查一查 There were many parts of the west in the border states 在西部的很多地方包括边界各州, where he got some significant many votes even in some of the industrial areas, he did pretty well 甚至在一些工业区,华莱士都获得了很多的选票,他表现得很不错 He hadn't been considered an extremely conservative Democrat 他并未被当成一名极端保守的民主党人 but when integration was really being pushed, then he opted out 当种族融合的政策开始被推行,他选择了退出 He actually had somewhat good relations with African-Americans, not good, but ok relations 事实上他与非裔美国人的关系还是可以的,不算很好,但还过得去 and he had a comment, he actually had lost in the election and he said "I will not be out and worded again" 他曾说过,在他输掉了大选后他说"我不会再站出来为他们说话" In other words "I will go strictly for a whites supremacy" 换句话说,就是我将坚定地以白人的利益为重 because he knew there was so much anti-black sentiment among the whites 因为他知道当时白人中有很严重的反黑人情绪 That if he want to maintain that power base he had to go with it, at least that's what I've read 如果他想保住他的权力基础,他就得与白人站在一条线上,至少文献是这么说的 Okay, so is it the time up? Do we have any more time 时间到了吗?我们还有剩余的时间吗 I mean my watch isn't working, ok sorry thank you for your questions 我的手表坏了,感谢大家的提问 and again we have some very interesting comments on the blog for the course 这一回我们的博客上又有很多关于这门课的有意思的评论 Even talking about the places like Cincinnati and distinctive voting patterns 甚至谈到了辛辛那提等地方以及各具特色的选举模式 and I'll be very happy if other people will join in 如果更多的人能加入的话就再好不过了 because I know in this classroom there's a lot of knowledge about this 因为在这个课堂里还有很多关于本门课程的知识 a lot of you know about more than I do about many of these issues 在座的很多人,在相关的领域里比我懂的多得多 So take a look at it and please feel free to join in, thank you so much 来看一眼这个网址吧,随时欢迎你们加入,非常感谢 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517458.html