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美国总统选举中的地理学 第131期:1920-1968美国总统大选 (68)

Industrial production went way up, unemployment came down 工业产量提高、失业率下降 In 1937 it dropped down a bit and that really helped him in the 1936 election 在1937年失业率下降了一点和经济复苏帮助罗斯福赢得了1936年大选的连任 and then in 1940 you had the threat of war and often when you have the sort of looming sort of war 到了1940年,二战已火烧城下,通常而言,当战争迫在眉睫的时候 people will tend to vote for the leaders in power, they're really worried about that, there is a certain tendency perhaps 民众会支持执政党的领导,因为民众对战争感到非常担忧,似乎是有这样一种倾向 All right that's probably not a very professional explanation, but that's as best as I can do right now 这可能不是一个非常专业的解释,但已经是我所能想到的最好的答案了 Yeah, that's ok, Roosevelt having won for a third term breaking the president set by George Washington himself 对,没错,罗斯福赢得了三次的连任,打破了乔治,华盛顿所制定的只能连任两届的规定 So there was a lot of animosity towards him 很多人因此对他产生敌意 The Republicans particularly thought it was sort of cheating that he was not supposed to do that 共和党人认为他这样做是一种欺骗行为,他不应该连任这么多届总统 and especially the 4th term, he was very ill 尤其在他连任第四届的时候,他的病情已经非常严重了 and that 4th election he was not healthy at all 在第四次大选时他就已病重 Of course his infirmity was kept from the public 当然他的病情并没有对民众公开 Most people had no idea he couldn't walk 大部分人不知道他已经不能行走 Can you imagine that today? it's unthinkable 在今天你能想象吗?简直无法想象 They photographed him in such a way that he can stand with braces 在别人为他拍摄的照片里,他是拄着支架站着的 People didn't know that he's paralyzed, basically from the waist down he couldn't walk 人们不知道他已经瘫痪了,几乎在他的腰以下的部位都已瘫痪 But yeah there was a lot of anger over that 很多人对这种刻意隐瞒感到愤怒 There was another question in the front? was there 前排还有人提问吗?在哪儿呢 In the 1968 election were there any areas outside the south that Wallace picked up the support 在1968年的大选中华莱士有没有在南方以外的区域获得支持 Yeah any areas in 1968 oh absolutely I wish I had the county level data to show you 没错,1968年,在任何地方我要是把县一级的数据给你们看就好了 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517457.html