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TED十佳演讲之感动重临 用班卓琴来建设中美关系(04)

Like the time I was in Sichuan Province 有一次我去四川 and I was singing for kids in relocation schools in the earthquake disaster zone. 在地震灾后的临时小学里给孩子们唱歌 And this little girl comes up to me. 然后一个小女孩走过来 "Big sister Wong, Washburn, Wong, same difference. 王大姐,沃什伯恩和王差不多 "Big sister Wong, can I sing you a song that my mom sang for me before she was swallowed in the earthquake?" 王大姐,我能不能给你唱一下我妈妈再被地震吞噬前教我的歌曲?” And I sat down, she sat on my lap. She started singing her song. 我坐下来,她坐在我膝盖上。她开始唱 And the warmth of her body and the tears rolling down her rosy cheeks, and I started to cry. 我感到了她身体的的温度,我看到了眼泪从她绯红的脸颊滚落下来,我也哭了起来 And the light that shone off of her eyes was a place I could have stayed forever. 她眼中闪烁的光是我愿意相伴一生的东西 And in that moment, we weren't our American selves, we weren't our Chinese selves, 在那一刻,我们不是美国人,也不是中国人 we were just mortals sitting together in that light that keeps us here. 我们只是简单的人,静静地坐在将我们心灵带到一起的光里 I want to dwell in that light with you and with everyone. 我真想和你们所有人一起去那片光里看一看 And I know U.S.-China relations doesn't need another lawyer. Thank you. 我知道中美关系不再需要一个律师了。谢谢 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517385.html