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TED十佳演讲之感动重临 用班卓琴来建设中美关系(03)

It's really been eight years since that fated night in Kentucky. 距离肯塔基那改变命运的一夜的确已经过去八年了 And I've played thousands of shows. 这期间我参加过数以千计的表演 And I've collaborated with so many incredible, inspirational musicians around the world. 我和不计其数的出色音乐人合作过,他们来自世界的各个地方 And I see the power of music. I see the power of music to connect cultures. 我感受到了音乐的力量。我感受到了音乐能联通不同文化的力量 I see it when I stand on a stage in a bluegrass festival in east Virginia 我是在东弗吉尼亚一个蓝草音乐节的舞台上意识到的 and I look out at the sea of lawn chairs and I bust out into a song in Chinese. 当我的视线越过草坪躺椅的海洋时,我突然唱起了一段中文歌 And everybody's eyes just pop wide open like it's going to fall out of their heads. 然后大家都睁大了眼睛,好像眼珠子要掉出来似的 And they're like, "What's that girl doing?" 他们像是在问,“她发什么神经呢?” And then they come up to me after the show and they all have a story. 表演后他们来找我,带着他们的故事 They all come up and they're like, 他们过来告诉我 "You know, my aunt's sister's babysitter's dog's chicken went to China and adopted a girl." “你知道吗,我婶婶的姐姐的保姆家的狗的小鸡去过中国,还收养了一个小女孩” And I tell you what, it like everybody's got a story. It's just incredible. 我跟你说,真的是大家都是有故事的人。真是太难以置信了 And then I go to China and I stand on a stage at a university 后来我去了中国,我站在一个大学的舞台上 and I bust out into a song in Chinese and everybody sings along 我又突然唱起了中文歌,然后每个人都跟我一起唱 and they roar with delight at this girl with the hair and the instrument, and she's singing their music. 他们跟我一起大吼,对我这个长着头发拿着乐器的普通女孩唱着他们的音乐感到很兴奋。 And I see, even more importantly, the power of music to connect hearts. 这时候我意识到更重要的是,音乐能够联通心灵 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517384.html