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美国语文第五册 第106期:马萨诸塞州的监狱叛乱(06)

This only caused a growl of determination, and no one blenched or seemed disposed to shrink from the foremost exposure. 事与愿违,双方紧张对峙激起了更为顽强的反抗,黑压压的囚犯中没有任何人退却,面对生命危险,没有人流露任何畏惧的举动。 They knew that their number would enable them to bear down and destroy the handful of marines after the first discharge, 他们内心清楚,就人数对比来看,暴徒们占有相当优势,因为第一轮枪支开火后, and before their pieces could be reloaded. 子弹未及再度上膛,他们可以一拥而上,消灭为数不多的士兵。 Again they were ordered to retire; but they answered with more ferocity than ever. 囚犯们再次被要求后退,但他们恶狠狠的回答愈见嚣张。 The marines were ordered to take their aim so as to be sure and kill as many as possible. 少将要求手下准确瞄准,以确保尽可能多地射杀对方。 Their guns were presented, but not a prisoner stirred, except to grasp more firmly his weapon. 士兵们枪支各就各位,但暴徒人群中没有任何人心悸恐慌,只是紧紧攥住了手中武器。 Still desirous to avoid such a tremendous slaughter as must have followed the discharge of a single gun, 最后一丝希望犹存。如何避免大规模的血腥屠戮,哪怕一枪射发亦会使所有努力霎时灰飞烟灭。 Major Wainright advanced a step or two, and spoke even more firmly than before, urging them to depart. 韦恩赖特少将往前跨了一两步,用比先前更为坚定的语气力劝囚犯离开。径直面对子弹已上膛的枪口, Again, and while looking directly into the muzzles of the guns which they had seen loaded with ball, 径直面对子弹已上膛的枪口, they declared their intention "to fight it out." 他们重申“以武力解决”的明确意图。 This intrepid officer then took out his watch, and told his men to hold their pieces aimed at the convicts, 那位勇敢的少将随即取出他的手表,吩咐士兵们举枪瞄准, but not to fire till they had orders; then, turning to the prisoners, he said: "You must leave this hall; I give you three minutes to decide; if at the end of that time a man remains, he shall be shot dead." 听到命令后开火,然后转身朝着囚犯们说,“你们必须离开餐厅,我给你们三分钟时间决定,如果三分钟后还有人坚持不走,一律就地枪决。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517346.html