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美国语文第五册 第104期:马萨诸塞州的监狱叛乱(04)

They replied that they expected that some would be killed,—that death would be better than such imprisonment; 囚犯们回应说,他们已经料到这场冲突中势必有人伤亡,但死亡的结局兴许比囚禁监狱更好; and, with that look and tone which bespeak an indomitable purpose, they declared that not a man should leave the hall alive till the flogging was remitted. 那神色语调无不显示了暴徒们不达目的、绝不罢休的凶残。他们不依不饶地声称,除非免除三位囚犯的鞭刑,否则没有一个人会活着离开餐厅。 At this period of the discussion their evil passions seemed to be more inflamed, 谈判期间,囚犯们邪恶情绪似乎正加剧膨胀爆发, and one or two offered to destroy the officer, who still stood firmer and with a more temperate pulse than did his friends, 那位警官,仍然神情坚毅地站在那里,比他的同事们更为冷静温和。 who saw from above, but could not avert, the danger that threatened him. 上面的人目睹这一场景,对随时可能威胁其人身安全的危险行为,只能束手无策。 Just at this moment, and in about fifteen minutes from the commencement of the tumult, 就在那时,距骚乱发生大约十五分钟后, the officer saw the feet of the marines, on whose presence alone he relied for succor, filing by the small upper lights. 通过天花板上的微弱光亮,那位警官看到了海军陆战队员的身影,他清楚自己可以依赖的救助近在眼前。 Without any apparent anxiety, he had repeatedly turned his attention to their approach; 他不露声色,脸上未有丝毫焦虑之情,不过密切注意士兵们愈发逼近的脚步。 and now he knew that it was his only time to escape, before the conflict became, as was expected, one of the most dark and dreadful in the world. 此刻,他内心明白,这是冲突发生前可以逃脱的唯一良机,毫无疑问,正是世上最为可怕紧张的时刻。 He stepped slowly backward, still urging them to depart before the officers were driven to use the last resort of firearms. 他慢慢地往后挪动,嘴里仍然不停地劝说囚犯们,告诉他们最好在陆战队员们最后不得不开火前离开。 When within three or four feet of the door, it was opened, and closed instantly again as he sprang through, 离门三四英尺时,门突然被打开,他飞身跑了出去,旋即门重新关上, and was thus unexpectedly restored to his friends. 出乎意料地,他重新回到了同僚们中间。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171205/517067.html