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美国语文第五册 第103期:马萨诸塞州的监狱叛乱(03)

He demanded their purpose in thus coming together with arms, in violation of the prison laws. 他严正指出,囚犯们手拿武器的集聚行为,严重地违背了监狱法规, They replied that they were determined to obtain the remission of the punishment of their three comrades. 对方则回答,他们已下定决心,促使狱方赦免三位囚犯。 He said it was impossible; the rules of the prison must be obeyed, and they must submit. 他说,这点完全不可能,监狱法规必须服从,囚犯务必退让。 At the hint of submission they drew a little nearer together, prepared their weapons for service, 在貌似顺从的暗示下,囚犯们开始聚拢过来,时刻准备抄家伙。 and, as they were dimly seen in the further end of the hall by those who observed from the gratings that opened up to the day, 通过餐厅远端那处天花光栅,外面监视的警官们影影绰绰看到下面囚犯的举动。 a more appalling sight can not be conceived, nor one of more moral grandeur, than that of the single man standing within their grasp, 那一令人恐怖的景象看来模糊不清,那种高尚感动的牺牲亦无从获悉细节,只能看见那位警官孤身站在一群穷凶极恶的匪徒中间, and exposed to be torn limb from limb instantly if a word or look should add to the already intense excitement. 哪怕任何只言片语不合,或眼神不对路,不过瞬间工夫,他们就可一拥而上将他撕成碎片。 That excitement, too, was of a most dangerous kind. 最可怕的危机已经降临。 It broke not forth in noise and imprecations, but was seen only in the dark looks and the strained nerves that showed a deep determination. 这种危机并非以嘈杂或诅咒形式爆发,黑暗中感觉的不过是那些暴戾眼神与紧绷神经,以及罪犯们毫不退让的残忍果狠。 The officer expostulated. He reminded them of the hopelessness of escape; that the town was alarmed, and that the government of the prison would submit to nothing but unconditional surrender. 那位警官有礼有节地训诫囚犯,暗示他们无法逃脱的结局;小镇此刻亦已获知监狱的消息,除了无条件投降,狱方管理方不会屈从囚犯提出的任何条件。 He said that all those who would go quietly away should be forgiven for this offense; 他还说,所有退出暴乱的囚犯将会得到宽恕,随后不再追究, but that if every prisoner were killed in the contest, power enough would be obtained to enforce the regulations of the prison. 但如果有囚徒在冲突中死亡,监狱将获取更多警力支持,以强化监狱法规的执行。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171204/516814.html