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美国语文第五册 第101期:马萨诸塞州的监狱叛乱(01)

A more impressive exhibition of moral courage, opposed to the wildest ferocity under the most appalling circumstances, was never seen than that which was witnessed by the officers of our state prison; in the rebellion which occurred some years since. 几年前,马萨诸塞州监狱发生叛乱,奋起反抗这一闻所未闻的恐怖行为,当监狱警官们目睹这场惨绝人寰的暴乱,他们临危不惧而表现出崇高的正义感与罕见的勇气令人钦佩、震撼。 Three convicts had been sentenced, under the rules of the prison, to be whipped in the yard, 三个罪犯已被依法判决,依据监狱律令,还将在监狱院内接受鞭刑, and, by some effort of one of the other prisoners, a door had been opened at midday communicating with the great dining hall and, through the warden's lodge, with the street. 由于其他一位囚徒的精心策划,中午,这一消息由通往囚犯大型餐厅的一间看守房悄悄传出,在餐厅内不胫而走,并传到监狱外面。 The dining hall was long, dark, and damp, from its situation near the surface of the ground; 囚犯餐厅极长,光线阴暗,空气潮湿,屋顶基本与监狱地面持平。 and in this all the prisoners assembled, with clubs and such other tools as they could seize in passing through the workshops. 餐厅为全体囚犯的集合之处,里面放有棍棒之类工具,方便囚犯们随手抓起,进入各自工作车间。 Knives, hammers, and chisels, with every variety of such weapons, were in the hands of the ferocious spirits, 现在,各种刀锤凿钻,所以可以用作武器的家什,都掌控在这些凶残的暴徒手中。 who are drawn away from their encroachments on society, forming a congregation of strength, vileness, 这些罪犯因非法侵犯他人权利而与世隔绝;与此同时也形成暴力、 and talent that can hardly be equaled on earth, even among the famed brigands of Italy. 邪恶及惊人才华的荟萃麇集,世界上几乎不存在可以与之抗衡的势力,甚而包括意大利最为凶残的黑帮。 Men of all ages and characters, guilty of every variety of infamous CRIme, dressed in the motley and peculiar garb of the institution, 任何男囚,无论年龄身份,凡涉犯各类重罪,按规定一律穿戴统一杂色的狱服, and displaying the wild and demoniac appearance that always pertains to imprisoned wretches, 以表现重罪囚犯野蛮与魔性的外貌特征及内心凶残。 were gathered together for the single purpose of preventing the punishment which was to be inflicted on the morrow upon their comrades. 这些重罪囚犯被关押在一起的唯一理由,旨在避免次日早晨,有可能对同监狱其他人犯造成人身伤害。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171204/516784.html